Language, mathematics or science. What children learn when they cook

Language, mathematics or science. What children learn when they cook

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'Mom, are pistachios healthy?' I am so interested that my daughters follow a healthy and balanced diet and that they understand why there are things that should be eaten every day and others only once in a while, that questions like this are asked me every two by three. That's when I started to think, what if I tell the girls from time to time to cook as a family? Not only will it make them see what the food process is like until it reaches the table, but it will also be a lesson in language, mathematics and science. This is all what children can learn when they cook at home with parents. Chefs, ready to go!

Among the many things that you do as a family should include cooking. I recommend it because I have done it with my daughters this last season and it turns out that we all love it. It is worth that they put everything lost (perks of the trade) and that you have to think of recipes according to their age (they are still small to handle depending on which knives), but believe me when I say that it is worth it.

You can start with the classic yogurt cake, a salad for dinner, a chicken broth or your favorite dish. I could give you a lot of ideas and recipes, but surely you already have plenty of that; I better tell you the benefits of family cooking and all the concepts that your children are going to learn almost without realizing it, just what comes in their school textbooks!

If we list the benefits or reasons why we cook as a family every week we have to name ...

1. Let their imagination fly and your creativity, the kitchen can be a super fun place!

2. They develop their passion for cookingThey may even become professional chefs when they grow up.

3. They discover that eating healthy is very important and not boring at all. Eating vegetables or fish does not have to be the worst, it is enough to let the little ones prepare some of these dishes to increase their motivation.

4. They know that cooking requires effort and patience.food does not arrive at the table alone!

5. It is a great hobby for the evenings at homeWho would sign up for a homemade sweet for snack?

6. It they strengthen ties between parents and children.

7. Cook reduce stress and relaxes the minds of parents and children as well. And it is that, as explained in the report 'The importance of eating as a family', carried out by the California Childcare Health Program, 'as children grow older, those who eat with their families show fewer risky behaviors.'

8. We spend quality family time.

9. Boys and girls understand that teamwork is the best there is.

Okay, okay, I stop listing the benefits of cooking together and as a family, I roll up like blinds! Do you think if we go to see then everything that the little ones can learn just by going into the kitchen from time to time? It will be the perfect review of many subjects!

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Children learn many things when they cook next to mom and dad, of course we refer to the fact of knowing how to fry an egg or prepare a salad that looks great at any time in their life, but they also learn many other useful things that more than everyday things are lessons taken from their textbooks.

Measured in grams, milligrams, and kilos. Addition and subtraction for the weight of this or that food. A multiplication to find the total number of muffins that fit on the tray. Not to mention the old woman's bill: a handful of rice for each guest, a teaspoon of salt, a pinch of nutmeg ... For them it will be like in their games, only for real and with Mom and Dad.

'Again mash and fish ... what a roll'. My neighbors always tell me that I give the girls a lot of fish, about three or four times a week, but you know what? In the end they have ended up doing the same and my daughters, since they get into the kitchen whenever they feel like it, they eat everything with more pleasure and enthusiasm.

Take advantage of these moments to explain to your children the advantages of eating healthy, rich and varied and why sweets, sweets and things like that should be left alone for very from time to time.

Words like stir, cook, fry, heat or drain, stop sounding like Chinese. You can do like me and, while the macaroni pasta finishes boiling, propose games to your children like: 'Who can tell me a word that has to do with cooking and that starts with' g 'or' j '?' or 'boil is written with' h 'or without' h '? There's also the spelling out 'cheese' or 'kilo' and saying five fruits and vegetables without looking in the fridge. We had a great time!

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I said, that cook as a family It is a whole world, as well as an excellent review of the things that they are giving at school. For example, if you play science, we notice that when the egg is boiled too much, the yolk turns greenish, that turmeric dyes the rice orange, that for the water to boil it has to reach a specific temperature, that the Peppers can be frozen raw and the potato should be stored in a drawer away from sunlight so it does not spoil. What things!

My oldest daughter is very curious to know where bananas, zucchini, artichokes, and practically everything we have in the kitchen come from (exact place). His father and I tell him everything we know and what we don't, we write down on a sheet of paper and then look in a book. Here we all learn!

We know how they are cooked or we are learning to do it, we have more or less clear where they come from, what question are your children going to ask you now? How those foods grow! In addition to explaining them in simple words or looking in the book before, if possible, plant seeds, it will make them a tremendous illusion.

And now to curl the curl, why not a little English? Take advantage of the time in the kitchen to speak to them in this language, they will be great. And you? what are you going to cook today?

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