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Cooking with children

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Cooking with the little ones in the house is a real pleasure, both for them and for parents, uncles or grandparents. Choosing the recipe, gathering the ingredients and all the material they will need, is something that can change the conception of children about food and food.

For children, cooking is also playing, learning, and an exquisite way to educate. Day by day we will propose new recipes, simple and adapted to the taste of children, with a step-by-step guide with photos and instructions.

Children can learn important values ​​necessary for their psychological development such as responsibility and the value of collaborating with chores around the house. It is also a good way for them to start to know what the properties of food are, and the importance of having a balanced diet.

It is important to make children aware of the keys to good nutrition, as well as the need to take advantage of food and not waste it.

Above all, it is a very fun activity for children, useful to entertain them on a rainy day or any afternoon at home. They love mixing ingredients and shaping the dishes with their little hands, yes, always under the supervision of adults for complicated processes.

Decorating the food and giving it fun shapes will become quite an adventure, which will also improve your manual dexterity. We propose some simple recipes with natural and homemade ingredients, to make the usual ingredients become a new delicacy for food.

Homemade waffles. To have a good time with the family, follow one of the children's favorite recipes for the little ones: waffles, one of the most exported and well-known sweets.

Palmeritas De Hojaldre. Puff pastry poppers, be they chocolate, cinnamon, with honey, or simply with sugar, are always welcome at any breakfast or snack.

Sushi sandwich. On our site we show you how to make a fun sushi-sandwich recipe perfect for the little ones in the house. You will only need 5 ingredients to carry it out!

Fruit salad with ice cream. Easy desserts with fruit for children. fruit salad, a happy and colorful dessert for children. recipe to make a complete fruit salad step by step. Macedonian recipe for children.

Quick Maria cookie cake. How to make a quick chocolate biscuit cake. Easy and simple cake of Maria cookies. Quick Christmas cakes to make with children that are also ideal for birthday parties. Cake recipe for children with cookies and chocolate, step by step.

M&M or Lacasitos cookies. M&M or Lacasitos cookie recipe for children. Our site offers us to prepare these delicious cookies with the children, a great alternative for a snack or breakfast.

Cola Cao Brownie. Brownies are one of the star desserts for all those with a sweet tooth. It is difficult to resist this chocolate and walnut cake, however, on our site we propose a different, fun and very attractive way to prepare it: with Cola Cao.

Chocolate nustard. Chocolate custard recipe. our site has prepared a quick and easy recipe to make chocolate custard for children. Of all the possible ways that chocolate can be included in a dessert, one of the simplest and most successful is the chocolate custard, easy and quick to prepare for children. Chocolate custard recipe for children.

Strawberry Mousse. our site offers a recipe for strawberry mousse, very practical and convenient to make with children. A good excuse to take the little ones from the house to the kitchen.

Fritters. How to make wind fritters for children. our site offers us traditional desserts for children. How to make wind fritters step by step. Recipe for children of donuts step by step. Typical recipe for buñuelos de viento.

Very easy Nocilla or Nutella cookies. Cocoa cream such as Nutella or Nocilla are very popular with children, with it you can make recipes for children as simple as these Nutella cookies.

Three in a row sandwich. The game of tic-tac-toe can be the star of your children's snack with this fun sandwich recipe for children, which will keep the most restless children sitting at the table.

Milk torrijas. Milk torrijas are a traditional Easter sweet, but it is a very simple recipe for children and suitable for any occasion.

Oreo cookie muffins. Recipes for cooking with children are the most fun. For them it is quite an experience to enter the world of cooking, for this you have these Oreo cookie muffins, explained step by step to make as a family.

Yogurt cake with lemon. This yogurt cake with lemon and cinnamon is a homemade recipe and very easy to introduce children to the delicious world of desserts and cooking. In addition, it is a very traditional recipe, ideal for breakfast, home and school snacks, and as a dessert or for birthdays.

Cooking with children requires patience, security, and collaboration. Children not only learn to prepare recipes but also some values ​​such as sharing, organization, together with fun. Why cook with children? We tell you 6 reasons why you take your children to the kitchen:

1 - Bring parents and children closer together
Cooking with your children promotes a healthy and enjoyable family life. There is a saying that goes 'family that eats together stays together'. On the weekends, invite the children to cook together.

2 - Learn values
Cooking with children requires teamwork, and not only that, it also requires communication, making small decisions, and above all organization. On everyone's part, it requires pounds of patience and a lot of respect. So in the kitchen you learn to cook as well as some very essential values ​​in the family togetherness.

3 - Stimulates creativity and imagination
One of the benefits of cooking with children is learning all about food. It is knowing its different smells, flavors, textures ... as well as its different ways of combining, cooking, frying and roasting. The kitchen opens up endless ideas, pleasures, possibilities and opportunities for children.

4 - Exercise the magic of fun
In the kitchen you learn that everything is achieved with effort and work. All it takes is a little 'magic' to make the most delicious dish ever made. To prepare the dish to which they are proposed requires time and dedication. And try a lot. It's like doing magic!

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