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Playing with mud makes children happier. Checked

Playing with mud makes children happier. Checked

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When mud is touched and handled, our mood improves. Mud baths or mud therapy not only improve our skin, but it is also something that directly affects our emotion and feeling of well-being. Although without a doubt the great experts are the boys and girls. When playing with mud, children are happierThat is why they take advantage of any occasion to enjoy the wet earth!

The truth is handling mud has great benefits for children and of which without a doubt we adults should take note. Its texture, its moisture, even its smell, make it a material whose sensory experience is really powerful and elevated.

For this reason, we will find boys and girls to whom mud, as a sensory experience, impacts them and, we could say, even costs them. It is simply a matter of respect the rhythms and times from each person. The threshold of sensory stimulation is different in each person and it is important to offer the space and time necessary for this experience to take place from enjoyment and play.

The Italian pedagogue Francesco Tonucci always comments that 'mud is the prince of toys'. Because it is nothing, and it can be everything. And the boys and girls know it well. Clay is a natural material available at any time of the yearAlthough summer is undoubtedly a great time to enjoy it at its best, where the heat and the water invite you to enjoy the experience more fully.

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Perhaps it is no coincidence that since 2009 the International Mud Day June 29, a day to give visibility to the importance of playing with mud, especially in childhood. Gillian MacAuliffe from Australia and Bishnu Bhatta from Nepal were the initiators of the initiative when, at the Global Forum, they discussed ways to foster feelings of community, care and affection for the world around us. Hence this initiative arose to get closer, leaving aside age, race or religion because covered in mud, we all look the same!

Recent research has shown that playing with mud improves the immune system and it can prevent future allergies. We adults are concerned that they keep their hands clean at all times, but that leaves them defenseless. Some scientists have discovered that the dirt in the mud contains bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae.

This non-pathogenic bacteria can be found in soil and has been found to be responsible for lowering stress and anxiety levels and increase the feeling of happiness.

Of course we are facing a sensory experience that childhood will remember and through which they will also grow up healthy and strong.

What if we created the tallest mud tower in history? Or do you prefer a cake with flowers? Clay, that versatile element, can be transformed into hundreds of things when we let children interact freely with it. When they play with mud, not only do they work on the sensory part, but they put themselves into play motor, linguistic, cognitive skills; they do science and math.

1. The Barro chefs
The clay kitchen is a classic. Many are the proposals that are born from there and can be created from cakes, to a complete menu that is complemented and decorated with aromatic plants and other natural elements found in their environment.

They can play to create and write their own recipes, to elaborate a menu or a restaurant menu and even to give a masterclass on a recipe made with clay, creativity and nature. Measuring, weighing, explaining, ordering, timing, selecting, decorating, writing ... Of course, the clay chefs will work on many skills while creating their tasting menus.

2. The tallest clay tower in history
Playing with mud has a very high sensory component whose stimulation includes smell (it has a peculiar smell), hearing (the sound of mud when being handled) and mainly touch, where we receive great information about its texture, temperature, degree of humidity, concentration ...

Creating mud towers is a stimulating and fun activity that brings us closer to all those qualities that this element offers. How tall will our tower be?

3. Paintings in puddles
Any rain leaves puddles. And if the mud is the prince of the toys, the puddle is the king. Because also that water in winter can freeze. Taking advantage of the puddles left by the rains is another great opportunity to connect with nature and the mud. If we also have some ingredient such as dried flowers, petals, small sticks ... our puddle can become a canvas and create floating paintings. A sensory experience with a high dose of concentration and enjoyment.

4. Clay characters
Clay becomes a great means of creative expression due to the large number of proposals it allows. Invites to imagine, to create and for the little ones to explore their creativity. It is material to create large and curious characters that can be part of their symbolic game.

They can also include other types of objects in their games, such as animals, thus creating not only the characters, but also a whole game scenario or what is known as the game with mini-worlds.

5. Mud as a gaming experience
Allowing them to get stained, muddy, give themselves their own 'mud massage', build or even paint with the mud itself offers children a great diversity of experiences that will undoubtedly bring enjoyment as an ingredient. principal. In addition, the clay offers you a feeling of freedom, being able to explore all its facets, being able to incorporate multiple learnings from experience and creating joyful and happy memories of childhood.

Without a doubt, mud as a game experience is a proposal to be incorporated in all homes and all childhoods. Because we have already seen that the benefits are multiple and, without a doubt, great fun.

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