The 11 phrases your children need to hear on their way back to school

The 11 phrases your children need to hear on their way back to school

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The first day of school can be an exciting adventure for children: they enter a completely different world where they will make friends and gain knowledge that will begin to shape them into integral persons for society. But it can also be quite a challenge, for the simple fear of the unknown. What we parents say to them can set them up to make going back to school more enjoyable. Therefore, these are some of the phrases that your children want to hear on their return to school.

Children tend to cling to what they know and what makes them feel safe, which is usually the warmth of their parents. That is, where their parents are, the children will be happy. However, it is necessary to promote independence from a young age, so it is essential to encourage children to go to school, but more importantly, to that they perceive school as their second favorite place after home.

But why is it so important to encourage children to go to school? I mean, it's what they should do, right? Of course it does, but children don't perceive it this way; they just don't understand why they should go to school. Parents must explain to children the reasons why don't associate this with some kind of punishment or rejection.

So, to avoid generating this uneasiness for your children and to avoid having a tantrum when leaving them at school because you are away from them, it is necessary that you take some time to explain why they should go to school and the benefits that classes they will bring you: learning new things, meeting friends, playing and having fun.

Finally, the day has come! Your little one is going to their first day of school and needs an extra encouragement to maintain their excitement throughout the day. How about some motivational and fun phrases to achieve it? Here are some that may be useful:

1. Very good love! Today you start a new exciting adventure for the superhero that you are.
Every little one wants to feel big and powerful like a superhero. And what better way to encourage him to go to class than to propose a super mission or a super adventure?

2. Time to make friends and leave everyone impressed with your wonderful personality.
You can play around a bit, encouraging your children to meet new people. But it is even more important that they dare to take charge of the first day. They sure end up having a great time.

3. This is your chance to show everyone your skills, learn new things and teach how to do it. I assure you that you will have fun.
Encouraging them to present a side of themselves where they stand out, such as a skill or talent, can make them excited about going to school and thus lessen their anxiety.

4. Let's play a game today, while you are in class and I am at home, we will learn all we can and when we arrive we will tell each other what we learned, okay?
This phrase is excellent to motivate you to go to class, in a simple and fun way because it creates an interesting expectation by not knowing what you are going to learn.

5. Did you know that by studying you can create wonderful things? If you want to achieve something, I assure you that the school will help you.
A beautiful and enthusiastic phrase that will encourage your child to explore their skills and get excited about the new knowledge they will acquire.

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6. You are very intelligent my love, Can you imagine how far you can go to go to class? You will become a genius.
With this phrase, children will feel full of pride and motivation to stand out in class and learn more things every day.

7. I am very excited because you will make new friends! How many friends do you want to make today? Will you introduce them to me when I go to get you?
This phrase is ideal to help reduce anxiety levels in children for fear of the unknown and to see the positive in going to class.

8. I am very proud of this new stage in your life. When you arrive, you will be too.
With this phrase we can motivate the little ones to feel proud of this step and see it as an important achievement.

9. You are a very smart and funny kid. That's why I'm sure you will love everything you learn. Will you show me when you arrive?
Extending the children's own abilities, such as their intelligence or their innate grace is a good way to encourage them to learn in school and practice it.

10. Always have a big smile and light up the classroom, so you can have fun while you learn.
It is also important to teach the little ones to have a positive attitude, that way they can be more focused and enjoy the classes instead of rejecting them.

11. It may seem very difficult or you may not like it. But after today you will see what will be A great experience that you will want to live every day.
The little ones should always be encouraged to see the positive side and give a chance to new experiences that will benefit them.

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Take some time, cheer on your partner, and sit next to your little one for a fun and easy introduction to the benefits of going to school so you can get excited about school even before you leave home. Happy back to school!

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