The clutter. Poem by Carmen Gil

The clutter. Poem by Carmen Gil

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The nursery rhymes of Carmen Gil They are a useful resource widely used in early childhood education when starting to introduce children to the fascinating world of reading and poetry, in particular. The clutter is a children's poem that talks about a nice computer while describing some of the peculiarities of new technologies. It is therefore aimed at children who already have access to computers.

Go the computer

raised color

and something messy

since last Tuesday.

Navigate in a message

without passage or trip.

It wanders ethereal and erratic

by the computer sea.

A computer

Cuban makes him fall in love,

crossing the puddle

no plane and no ship.

Conquers it slowly

by The cyberspace.

At the end it gives him coba,

between arrobo and arroba ..

With a hocus pocus

word to word,

turns it upside down:

head on feet.

Suffer from hypertension

I know move the mouse,

a folder opens for him,

he gets crazy ...

Archive hearts

in every corner.

Print only flowers

of all the colors.

And lives in love

day and night hanging

of the telephone line,

in your electronic sky.

Author: Carmen Gil

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