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Saint Albert's Day, November 15 and August 7. Boys names

Saint Albert's Day, November 15 and August 7. Boys names

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Alberto is a name for a boy of Germanic origin which means 'the one who stands out for his nobility'. It is a name of exceptional beauty of meaning that can bring a touch of distinction to your child. Although the name Alberto has been known since ancient times, it has been in recent decades that it has started to gain popularity, becoming a frequent name. He celebrates his birthday on August 7 and November 15. On both dates the day of St. Albert.

The most frequent day to celebrate St. Albert's Day It is November 15, a very important date in all families that have a child with this name. This day is celebrated in honor of St. Albert the Great, a German priest recognized as one of the Doctors of the Church.

Alberto the great, nicknamed the expert doctor, was one of the great sages of the moment. He stood out for his studies in theology, geography and philosophy. But he also stood out in the field of medieval chemistry and alchemy. He was a professor and bishop. It has gone down in history for its wisdom, but also for its nobility.

However, the August saints also recognize another date that many parents choose to celebrate the name day of their children named Alberto. He August 7th It is the day of Saint Albert, in honor of Saint Albert of Sicily, also known as Alberto degli Abbati or San Alberto de Trapani, after the Italian city where he was born.

Alberto was born after his parents, after almost three decades without having children, begged the Virgin to have a baby. The couple promised that, if the miracle worked, they would educate the child in Christianity and put him at the service of the Church. For this reason, being only an 8 year old boy, Alberto entered the Carmelite convent.

They are various The miracles that are related to him; like the miracle of curing physical and soul illnesses with its holy water.

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More often, the day of Santo Alberto is also celebrated on these other dates, among other:

  • Saint Albert of Montecorvino, Bishop: April 5
  • Saint Albert Quadrelli of Rivolta, bishop: July 4
  • San Giovanni Gualberto, abbot: July 12
  • Saint Albert of Jerusalem, Bishop and Martyr: September 14
  • Saint Raimondo Albert, Cardinal: November 18
  • St. Albert of Louvain, Bishop and Martyr: November 24
  • Saint Albert Chmielowski, religious and founder: December 25

The name Alberto is known throughout the world thanks to the German tradition, being its most prominent variant Albert. A name that exudes nobility, height and distinction and that maintains all the freshness and originality despite being one of those names of always. A name that can be the ideal one for your child if you like names that are forceful and full of meaning.

Some of the most important characters named Alberto may help you choose the name of your baby. The first that comes to mind is the German physicist Albert Einstein, one of the most important scientists for his theory of relativity. But we can also highlight the Renaissance painter Albrecht Dürer or members of royalty, such as Alberto de Monaco.

As you well know, numerology gives a number to each name, from the sum of the values ​​of each of the letters that compose it. In Alberto's case, the number is 1: A (1), L (3), B (2), E (5), R (9), T (2), O (6).

If we take into account what numerology says about children whose name is related to the number 1, we will know that they have leadership skills. From the time they are little, you can tell that they are the ones who direct the games with friends or captains the gangs of children. Thanks to his way of being so attractive And that conveys so much integrity, people trust him in a very natural way.

Due to the meaning of his name, Alberto has a charismatic personality shrouded in mystery and seduction. its sociable and friendly character It makes him the soul of his group of friends and his sense of responsibility leads him to assume the role of protective figure of the family. In addition, his intelligence, dynamism and tenacity make him succeed in any project he undertakes.

If you like Alberto as a name for a boy, you may also like other options that begin with the letter A. So that you take them into account when choosing the names you like the most, below we have made a small list , with the meaning and origin of each name.

- Adrian
Adrián is a very popular name among newborn babies. Its roots are in Latin and its meaning refers to the Adriatic Sea.

- Antonio
This name has been in use for decades and, although it is not as common today as it was a few years ago, it is still very popular. Its origin is Latin and refers to one of the oldest families in Rome.

- Alexander
Surely you know a child named Alejandro, since it is a very common name among babies, children and adults. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'the one who protects men'.

- Aitor
If you like the name Aitor for your son, you surely know that it means 'noble'. It is a name widely used in the north of Spain.

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