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Santa Monica Day, August 27. Names for girls

Santa Monica Day, August 27. Names for girls

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Monica is a name for a girl of Greek origin that means 'unique', 'exclusive', which anticipates something of the charismatic personality that this name will give your daughter. For several decades it has been a frequent name that, however, has managed to maintain all the freshness and a touch of distinction. Celebrate your name day on August 27, which is the day of Santa monica.

August 27 arrives and ... it is the saint of Monica! The saints dedicate this date to remember the figure of Santa Monica de Hipona. As you may have related, effectively, it is about the mother of Augustine of Hippo, saint, philosopher and doctor of the Catholic Church.

Santa Monica was born in Algeria Around the year 330 in the bosom of a Christian family, so she was educated in this religion. However, she was married to a pagan Roman much older than her, since Monica was very young. This man had a very bad mood and did not see with good eyes that Mónica dedicated so much time to prayers and solidarity actions. However, the young woman managed to build a good relationship with her mother-in-law, who convinced her husband to convert to Christianity.

It is said that his son Agustín had a 'complicated' and somewhat misguided youth. So Monica went out of her way to help him find the right path. This even led him to move to Rome and Milan. Finally, Augustine also converted to Christianity. This has led to Santa Monica being considered a great Christian woman, dedicated and fighter for the good of her family. Is the patroness of mothers and wives.

Choosing a compound name for your baby is a good option, especially when you want a nickname that is more traditional, or if it is very difficult for you to choose a single name. But what names match Monica? Here we propose some options, accompanied by its meaning and origin.

- Monica Maria
Maria always forms beautiful compound names. In this case, you can put your daughter Mónica María or María Mónica, whichever you like! Did you know that Mary is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'exalted' or 'the chosen one'?

- Sonia Monica
This name is perfect for parents looking for a compound name that sounds a bit more modern. Sonia has Greek roots and means 'wisdom'. Did you know that it is a variant of Sofia?

- Monica Sofia
Without a doubt, Sofia also sounds very good next to the name Monica. As we have already told you in the case of Sonia, Sofía is a name of Greek origin that also refers to wisdom.

- Monica Teresa
Although we could propose many more names composed with Monica, we stop to analyze the combination with Teresa. It looks nice, right? Teresa is a name of Greek origin that means 'she who reaps'.

The name Monica is known throughout the world with hardly any variations thanks to religious tradition. We know its variants in German, Monika and in French, Monique, in addition to its diminutive Moni, Nica or Nika.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby the tourist and cinematographic attraction of the Californian city of Santa Monica, a true paradise of sun, sea and free time. Although we also know many charismatic women who are named after your daughter, especially in show business.

To choose the name of your girl you can be inspired by actresses like Mónica Estarreado, Mónica Pont, Mónica Randall, Mónica Molina or Mónica Cruz, they are familiar faces from television, although we could not forget the beautiful Mónica Bellucci. We are also fascinated by the singer Mónica Naranjo and leaving the performance, but not the show, we find the tennis player Mónica Seles.

We take out a pen and paper to calculate what number corresponds to Monica according to the value of the letters that make up her name. It is about adding all the figures until there is a single number. In Monica's case, this number is 1: M (4), O (6), N (5), I (9), C (3), A (1).

And what does numerology say about babies whose name is related to number 1? The first quality that stands out is his ability to act as a good leader. Thanks to her charming way of being and her good arguments (when they are a little older), these girls get everyone to agree with them and admire her.

For the meaning of her name, Monica has a charismatic and mysterious personality, with a special charm that makes it unique and that few can resist. In addition, Monica is a creative, tenacious and hard-working person, so it is not difficult for her to achieve success in the workplace.

If you have a girl named Monica at home, surely August 27 is a very important date for your family. However, the calendar of the August Saints leaves us other very nice names and frequent among the little ones. These are some of the most important dates.

  • August 1, Santo Alfonso
  • August 2, Our Lady of the Angels
  • August 3, Santa Lidia
  • August 4, San Rubén
  • August 7, San Cayetano
  • August 9, Santa Edith
  • August 10, San Lorenzo
  • August 11, Santa Clara
  • August 15, Day of the Virgin of the Assumption
  • August 18, Santa Elena
  • August 19, St. Louis
  • August 23, Santa Rosa
  • August 25, Santa Patricia
  • August 31, San Ramón

By the way, as a curiosity we tell you that August 27 is Santa Monica Day, but also the day of: San Cesáreo de Arles, San David Lewis, San Guarino de Sión, San Juan de Pavía, San Licerio de Couserans, San Narno de Bergamo, Santa Antusa, etc.

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