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Santa Edith's Day, September 16 and August 9. Names for girls

Santa Edith's Day, September 16 and August 9. Names for girls

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Edith is a name for girl of Germanic origin which means 'the one who fights for wealth'. It is a name with a great force of meaning that can be perfect for your daughter. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Edith is a very appreciated name because it brings distinction and glamor. She celebrates her name day on August 9, the day of Sister Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz or Edith Stein. However, the saints also recognize September 16 as the day of Saint edith.

We tell you everything about these saints and the most outstanding curiosities of this girl's name.

Whether you are thinking of giving your daughter the name Edith, of whom you are pregnant right now, or if you already chose it for your girl in her day, you will like to know on what dates of the saints her onomastics is celebrated. August 9 is the day of Saint Edith Stein.

Edith Stein, whose religious name was Sr. Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz, was born in 1891 in Germany. From a Jewish family, the young woman studied philosophy with Edmund Husserl and turned to teaching. He committed himself to matters relating to his wife, even working to win the female vote in Germany. With the passage of time she converted to Catholicism and entered the Order of the Discalced Carmelites.

In 1942, she was detained by the Nazi German secret police for take her to the Auschwitz concentration camp, where she was killed shortly after. She was beatified and canonized by Pope John Paul II. His saints are celebrated on August 9, as this was the day he died. She is considered the co-patron of Europe.

Other families prefer to celebrate the saint of Edith on September 16, in honor of another saint of the same name. In this case, the saints reminds Santa Edith, also known as Santa Edita or Wilton Edit.

Edith was the daughter of the English King Edgar the Pacific and was born around the year 960. It is said that her father took her mother from the convent where she lived to have a daughter. When Edith was born, King Edgar decided to do penance for the crime he had committed and stopped wearing the crown for 7 years. Edith's mother managed to escape from court with the girl and returned to the convent, located in the city of Wilton.

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When she grew up, Edith was a nun and went down in history for his wisdom, but also for its holiness and beauty.

The name Edith is known throughout the world thanks to the Germanic tradition. We know its variants Edit, Editta or Edit, but in any case, we are facing one of those names that provide personality and emanate beauty and originality, so you suppose that it could soon become one of the frequent names.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know a little more about the figure that made the name Edith popular worldwide. We are talking about the controversial French artist Edith piaf, whose song 'La vie en Rose' is as unforgettable as his stormy love life.

But we know more women who have been named after your daughter, such as Mexican actress Edith González or Pulitzer Prize-winning American writer Edith Wharton.

Many of the parents who choose the name Edith for their child do so as a tribute to Edith Piaf. For this reason, below we propose other names that are very beautiful for babies and that are also inspired by great singers of all time. We tell you the meaning and origin from each of them.

- Aretha. Of course, with this name we remember Aretha Franklin. Did you know that this name is of Greek origin which means 'virtuous'?

- Adela. Do you like this name? It is a nickname of German origin that means 'she who comes from the nobility'. The voice of the British singer has already gone down in history for its power and elegance.

- Maria. Any fan of María Callas around here? Without a doubt, the name of María is very appropriate for any girl who is about to be born. It is a nickname of Hebrew origin that means 'the chosen one' or 'exalted'.

- Amy. Another beautiful name for girls that we can think of inspired by some of the singers who are part of musical history is Amy. It is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin and means 'beloved'.

Did you know that numerology gives a number to each name? In Edith's case, this number is 1. This is obtained after adding all the figures of each of the letters, until there is only one single figure: E (5), D (4), I (9), T (2), H (8).

Based on what numerology says about babies related to the number 1, we know that girls named Edith tend to have an attractive personality and charisma like no other. This makes it have great leadership skills. It is important that parents reinforce emotional education and values, so that these girls are fully happy. They are tools that you need for your relationship with other people.

By the meaning of her name, Edith possesses a enigmatic and mysterious personality with an irresistible charm. Her capacity for seduction makes her succeed in social relationships, but also her friendly, open and accessible character. In addition, Edith is a person very committed to those causes that she believes to be fair and defends her values ​​with integrity and courage.

After reading all these curiosities of the name and the saints of Edith, have you decided that you want to call your baby that? Great choice! Just remember that on August 9 and September 16 their saint is celebrated.

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