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Saint Maximilian's Day, March 12 and August 14. Names for boys

Saint Maximilian's Day, March 12 and August 14. Names for boys

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Maximiliano is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'the great one'. We find its origin in the Latin superlative 'maximus', which is why the name carries great connotations of greatness. It is an ideal name for your child if you want to maintain the beauty of a traditional name without being overused. Celebrate your name day March 12, which is the day of Saint Maximilian, although his saint's day is also commemorated on August 14.

Do you want to know who was Saint Maximilian, martyr? A young man who died at the age of 21 for proclaiming himself the son of God and therefore a Christian. Maximilian was led along with his father in front of the court that required them to become soldiers.

When asked by the judge why he could not fight in the war, he said he was a Christian and, despite death threats, he stood firm in his decision. Immediately, Maximiliano was sentenced to death, who was beheaded that same day. At no time was he afraid, on the contrary, his executioners were amazed at the happiness and tranquility with which this decision was made.

Since then, his saint has been celebrated on March 12. But he is not the only Maximilian that the Catholic Church venerates. Throughout the year, we find more dates to celebrate the saint of this name.

  • August 14Saint Maximilian Kolbe, priest, martyr and patron. He was in a concentration camp in World War II and exchanged his life for that of another prisoner.
  • October 12 °Saint Maximilian, bishop. He was executed for not renouncing Christianity and for refusing to worship pagan kings.

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Due to the meaning of his name, Maximiliano has a charismatic personality and great strength of character. Confident of himself, Maximiliano has all the courage and bravery to defend the people he loves and all the causes in which he believes, his main ideal being freedom and tolerance. Due to his dedicated character and his capacity for effort, Maximiliano can easily become a leader.

The name Maximiliano is known in all languages ​​without great variations. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not rejected by today's parents, who can choose between its many derivatives and diminutives. Its close relationship with the name Máximo and the diminutives they both share, Maxi and Max, make it a good option for your child.

Maximiliano transports us directly to ancient Rome and to the great Latin noble families. But in addition, many German kings and emperors bore the name of your son, as well as the Mexican Emperor Maximilian I and the Italian Duke Massimiliano Sforza. And it is precisely in Italy where this name is more frequent.

And although few people know the data, Maximiliano was the name of one of the best-known historical figures, although his surname has survived longer. Maximilien Robespierre was a politician, ideologist, lawyer, and writer whose activity made him one of the leaders of the French Revolution. Nicknamed 'the incorruptible', the story describes this character as a radical leader who was responsible for numerous executions.

When you hold your baby in your arms, you imagine how he will be when he grows up, right? Will it be easy for you to get along with friends? Will you get angry about anything? What values ​​will you highlight in it? When they are so young it is difficult to know and, therefore, many parents turn to numerology to know the character and personality of their child.

What you need is to discover the digit that is hidden in your child's letters and, in the case of Maximilian, it is the number 8. Do you want to know what this figure says about your little one?

- Positive traits
Nice and extremely sociable, that's how children ruled by the number 8 are. They are friends with their friends and are always there to listen to them and give them a hand. They will have a very busy social life! They also stand out for being very responsible. They always keep their homework on time and have a hard time breaking rules.

- Negative traits
There will be some aspects of their behavior that will have to work and there parents will have to be very attentive. The number 8 is synonymous with tantrums. These children are so used to everything going as planned that when something goes wrong ... they don't know how to handle their anger and frustration!

If you are still not convinced that the name Maximiliano is the ideal one for your little one, don't worry! Here you will find a list of names of Latin origin for boys that, like your first option, begin with the letter M.

  • Martin
    Honor, courage or strength are the words that are related to one of the most popular names for boys in recent years. Its real meaning is 'the man consecrated to Mars'.
  • Mauricio
    It comes from the word Maurus and means 'one who is originally from Mauritania, Moor'.
  • frames
    It can also be found without the letter S, that is, Marco. It comes from the Latin word Marcus and means 'consecrated to Mars'.
  • Milan
    Name chosen by the footballer Gerard Piqué and by the singer Shakira to call one of their children. They were inspired by the Italian city that bears the same name.
  • May
    This name is usually chosen for children who are born in the fifth month of the year and comes from Maius.

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