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Calendar of the names of August saints

Calendar of the names of August saints

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In many families there is a tradition of giving children the name of the saint that corresponds to the day of their birth. In other homes, a small gift is made to the boy or girl on their saint's day. In both cases, this calendar of names of saints that are celebrated in the month of August it will be of great use.

To help you choose the best name for your baby, has prepared this beautiful Calendar of names of saints for each day of the 31 days that make up the month of August. We also tell you the meaning and origin of each of these names to make it easier for you to make a decision.

On each calendar date you will find aname of saintfor each of the days of August. Review what names celebrate their birthday this month and do not hesitate to congratulate all the grandparents, parents and children you know who are called that.

As you can check in the August saints there are names for boys and girls of all kinds. Some of them are traditional and sound a bit old-fashioned (although they are still used) like Hilaria or Hipólito. However, there are many other modern names that are the order of the day: such as Rubén, Clara, Alba or Elena. Therefore, all parents could find some names that they like for their baby, whatever it is they are looking for.

Do you like August calendar names? Surely when you know the meaning attributed to them and their origin, you will like them even more. We are going to start with the names of the children who celebrate their special day in the first fortnight of August.

- Alfonso
The saints for the month of August begin by celebrating Alfonso's name day, in honor of the Italian religious Saint Alfonso María Ligorio, founder of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. If you like this name for your baby you should know that it comes from German and means 'ready for combat'.

- Angels
On August 2, the feast of Our Lady of the Angels is celebrated, it can inspire you to call your baby Angels or Angel. It is one of the most revered invocations of the Virgin, especially in countries like Costa Rica. The origin of the name Angel is Greek and means 'the messenger'.

- Lidia
Do you know someone named Lidia and you like her name? You can put it on your baby! This name comes from Greek and its meaning is relative to those who came from the Lydian region, in Central Asia. On August 3, the day of Saint Lidia or Lidia of Thyatira is celebrated.

- Ruben
Although Rubén's name has been in use for several decades, it doesn't sound out of date or worn. It comes from the Hebrew and means 'the one who acts like a wolf'. Therefore, it is impossible not to feel that strength and power that this name transmits. His saint is celebrated on August 4.

- Snow
August 5 is the day that is usually celebrated, in the different regions that venerate this Virgin, the Day of Our Lady of the Snows. If you like the name Nieves for your baby, feel free to choose it.

- Fair
Although it is not a frequent name, there are families that continue to choose Justo to call their children by tradition. On August 6, Justo's name day is celebrated, in honor of a famous abbot many years ago. Did you know that it is a Latin name that means 'honored'?

- Cayetano
The saint of Cayetano is celebrated every August 7 in honor of the Italian religious Cayetano de Thiene, founder of the Order of Theatine Clerics Regular. Cayetano, which is often shortened to Caye, is a name of Latin origin that means 'originally from Gaeta'.

- Alberto
Some families also celebrate the day of Saint Albert on August 7, in honor of Alberto Degli Abbati, an Italian Carmelite friar. Alberto is a name of German origin that means 'the one who stands out for his nobility'.

- Sunday
On August 8, Santo Domingo Day is celebrated, in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzmán. Other families prefer to celebrate August 12 in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Whichever date you choose to celebrate the saint, you should know that Domingo is a Latin name that means 'consecrated to the Lord'.

- Edith
August 9 is the special day for all the girls named Edith, as this is the day that Saint Teresa Benedicta a Croce, also known as Saint Edith Stein, is celebrated. Edith is a name that comes from German and means 'the one who fights for wealth'.

- Lawrence
Surely you've ever heard of the Tears of Saint Lawrence, right? This shower of stars uses the name of this saint, as they occur around August 10, when his name day is celebrated. Lorenzo is a name of Latin origin that means 'crowned with laurel'.

- clear
Make a note in your agenda: August 11 is the day of Santa Clara, in memory of Clara de Asís, founder together with Saint Francis of Assisi of the Order of the Sisters of Santa Clara. This name is beautiful for any girl; It has Latin origin and means 'brilliant'.

- Hilaria
Although the name of Hilaria is heard less and less, it is still an option at your disposal. He celebrates his saint on August 12, for Santa Hilaria. On the other hand, it is a name of Latin origin that means 'the one who has joy'.

- Hippolytus
August 13 is the day of Hippolytus of Rome, writer of the early Church and first antipope. Hippolytus is a name of Greek origin that means 'the one who frees the horses'.

- Maximilian
Maximilian's saint is celebrated on March 12, but also on August 14. This name, which invokes all strength and power, is of Latin origin and means 'the great one'.

- Sunrise
This name for girls is still a success, given its simplicity and the joy it transmits. His saint is usually celebrated on August 15. Did you know that it has a double meaning? On the one hand, 'sunrise' and on the other, 'white'.

- dove
On the same day, August 15, the festival of the Virgen de la Paloma takes place, which encourages all girls and mothers with this name to celebrate their birthday. Paloma is a name that comes from Latin and means 'peace'.

It's not over yet! Next we will learn more about the roots and the meaning of the names for boys and names for girls who celebrate their saint on the last 15 days of August. Will among these names be the perfect option for your son or daughter?

- Serena
If you are looking for a name that sounds modern but, at the same time, has a long tradition behind it, Serena could be a good alternative. His saint is celebrated on August 16, in honor of a Christian martyr.

- Eusebius
Although Eusebio is a very classic and a bit archaic name, you might like it for your son. His saint is celebrated on August 17. It is a name of German origin that means 'one who has good feelings'.

- Elena
There are many girls who are called Elena or Helena, since it is a beautiful name and with great strength. Its origin is Greek and its meaning is 'the one that shines'. Did you know that its saint is celebrated on August 18?

- Luis
The boy's name Luis is also very popular. Although its use has been extended for many generations, it still sounds current and modern. It is a Germanic name that means 'illustrious warrior'. His saint is August 19, in memory of San Luis de Tolosa.

- Samuel
August 20 is celebrated on the day of Saint Samuel, the prophet. Many families shorten this name to Samu. To find the roots of this name we must explore Hebrew. Its meaning is 'to whom God listens'.

- cheep
On August 21 you cannot forget to congratulate all the children you know who are called Pío. It is possible that there are not many, since this name has fallen into disuse. Its saint is celebrated on August 21, its origin is Latin and its meaning is 'pious'.

- Bernard
Of Germanic origin, the children's name Bernardo means 'he who is strong as a bear'. Remember that if your son's name is Berni, you will have to congratulate him every August 22, because he is his saint!

- rose
All the grandmothers, mothers and girls named Rosa celebrate their birthday on August 23. This is a name with a beautiful meaning, which refers to flowers. The origin of this name is Latin, neither more nor less!

- Emilia
August 24 is the day of Santa Emilia, a beautiful name of Etruscan origin that means 'she who strives'. Why not give this name (or its male version: Emilio) to your baby if he is born on this date?

- Patricia
Attention all the relatives of a girl named Patricia! August 25 is your saint! It is celebrated on this date by Saint Patricia of Naples or Constantinople. The origin of this name is Latin and means 'the one who is noble'.

- Froilan
Saint Froilán's Day is celebrated on August 26. This name of Germanic origin means 'little lord'. Can you imagine calling your baby like that? If the answer is yes, feel free to choose it!

- Monica
Monica is a cool and very prevalent name among girls born today. Surely many parents choose it because it sounds good and because of its meaning: 'unique'. Its saints are celebrated on August 27.

- Agustin
Are you thinking of calling your baby Agustín? You should know that it is a name of Latin origin, which derives from Augustus. It means 'consecrated by the augurs'. His saint is celebrated on August 28.

- Sabina
Sabina is a magical and mysterious name. Its origin is Latin and its meaning is related to the people of the Sabines. According to the saints, his name day is August 29, in honor of Santa Sabina.

- Pamaquio
Are you looking for a boy's name that is very original? Pamaquio is your option. His saints are celebrated on August 30, by the Roman senator San Pamaquio of Rome, who was said to be very pious.

- Ramon
The August saints end on the 31st with San Ramón. This is a Germanic name meaning 'the one protected by the divine council'. By choosing this name, you will never fail!

August is a very special month of the year, right? Especially in the home of families who have a child who is called with one of the names of August saints. But beyond the saints and onomastics, the month of August leaves us with some important dates and ephemeris that we cannot ignore either.

For example, August 1 is the Day of Joy. There is no better way to kick off the month of August! This is a journey to remember that we have many reasons to smile and be happy. In addition, we can take the opportunity to reinforce emotional education at home and teach children more about the emotion of joy.

But also, August 12 is Youth Day, a day in which the protagonists are children and adolescents. It is worth talking with our children about what children from other countries are like, their traditions, the natural environments in which they live, the games that amuse them ...

August 13 is the day dedicated to all lefties; on August 15, the World Relaxation Day; August 17, the International Day of the Homeless Animal; on August 19, Photography Day; August 23, Hashtag Day; August 26, Dengue Day; on August 29, the Day of Videogames; and on August 31, the Day of Solidarity. What a tight schedule we are going to have this month!

In addition to all these dates, we cannot forget if we live in Mexico that August 28 is Grandparents Day. This is a day to thank our old men for how much they take care of us, protect us and love us for the rest of the year. This day, they deserve a special gift (even better if you make it by hand) and a big hug.

But we can also take advantage of August 28 to remind our children that we have to take care of the elderly. Many of them live alone and miss the love and warmth of other people. Therefore, a good plan for Grandparents' Day can also be to volunteer with older people. These types of activities greatly benefit grandparents, but also children who can learn a lot from them.

And to continue learning more about the names of saints for the rest of the year, do not hesitate to search our calendars. You will love knowing when is your birthday or that of your children.

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