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Saint Samuel's Day, August 20. Names for boys

Saint Samuel's Day, August 20. Names for boys

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If you are expecting a male baby and are still brainstorming name ideas for your little one, the name Samuel may be a perfect alternative. Samuel is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin which means 'to whom God listens', a strong name, not very popular, of a biblical prophet who appears in the August saints together with the martyrs. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is very familiar and is appreciated for that touch of distinction it brings. Celebrate your name day on August 20, which is the day of Saint Samuel.

By the meaning of his name, Samuel He has a charismatic personality that exerts a great influence on others. His wit and sympathy lead him to achieve success in social relationships and also has the trust of others. Samuel is also intelligent and with a capacity for work that makes him perfect for success in the workplace.

The name Samuel is known throughout the world with hardly any variations thanks to biblical tradition, since Samuel was a prophet who gave name to one of the books of the Bible. The popularity of this name is on the rise by the tendency of today's parents to rescue biblical names and traditional to give them a touch of modernity.

The number of illustrious characters who have borne and bear the name Samuel may help you choose your baby's name. Actors, writers, poets, doctors, athletes ... there are many famous people named Samuel. We have listed some:

  • Samuel Arredondo Kim or Kim samuel - American singer of Mexican and Korean descent
  • Samuel L. Jackson - American actor
  • Samuel Beckett - Irish playwright, novelist, critic and poet
  • Samuel from Bulgaria - Emperor of the First Bulgarian Empire from 997 to October 6, 1014
  • Samuel Eto'o Fils - Cameroonian footballer
  • Samuel Goldwyn - founder of Metro Goldwyn Mayer
  • Samuel Hahnemann - German physician pioneer of homeopathy
  • Sam mendes - British filmmaker
  • Samuel Morse - American painter and physicist
  • Samuel Richardson - English writer
  • Sam smith o Samuel Frederick Smith - British singer and songwriter
  • Samuel Umtiti - French footballer
  • Samuel Viyuela González - Spanish actor

To know the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate their saint in the month of August, consult our calendar of the names of August saints. You will find all the curiosities related to the name and date of your birthday. We give you some examples of names that celebrate their saint in August:

  • Alfonso - August 1
  • Lidia - August 3
  • Cayetano - August 7
  • Clara - August 11
  • Alba and Paloma - August 15
  • Elena - August 18
  • Luis - August 19
  • Pink - August 23
  • Ramón - August 31

Plus we have the most comprehensive guide to baby names for boys and girls. Here you will find all the baby names arranged alphabetically to know their origin and meaning.

The names of holy, biblical, famous people in music, science or literature can be a great source of inspiration for parents when choosing the name for the baby that is about to be born. In addition, there are parents who have preferences for names that begin with certain letters, such as S in Samuel, for example. Thinking about it, our site has put together some baby names that begin with S, and their meaning, and that are known:

  • Sacha - Russian name that can both be used for boys or girls
  • savior - Hebrew name meaning 'the God of salvation'
  • Samir - Arabic name meaning 'good companion'
  • Sancho - Latin name meaning 'the one who is consecrated to God'
  • Sandro - Greek name meaning 'the one who defends men'
  • Saul - Hebrew name meaning 'the chosen one by God'
  • Sergio - Latin name meaning 'he who is a servant, guardian'
  • Silas - Latin name meaning 'wild'
  • Silvio - Latin name meaning 'forest'
  • Stefano - Greek name meaning 'crowned with laurel'

In numerology each letter of a name has a value, according to its position in the alphabet. By adding the numbers that correspond to each letter of the name, a unique number is obtained that will give us the possibility of knowing positive and negative traits of a person's personality. So we have done the numerology of the name Samuel and it turns out that it corresponds to the number 8. And what does this number tell us about this name?

Baby names that result in the number eight in numerology, are usually symbolized by great energy and power. Children who bear the name Samuel, and therefore the number 8, are usually a person endowed with great vitality, will and solidity. They are defenders of justice and very followers of the rules. They are persistent and feisty, facing challenges with confidence and security.

On the other hand, they tend to be people very focused on work, success and meeting goals. Therefore, the emotional side is usually put aside. The ambition to grow professionally can lead to stress and some frustrations. You will need to make changes to better balance your chores. Vitality does not lack for it.

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