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Grandpa Alejandro. Story to read with children on Grandparents Day

There are many great ways to celebrate Grandparents Day. This date, in which we thank grandparents and grandmothers for the love and care they give us every day, is celebrated on July 26 or August 28, depending on the country. Do you want to celebrate it with a nice short story? This one, written by Marisa Alonso, is titled 'El abuelo Alejandro'. Is a story to read with children on Grandparents Day and that grandparents and grandchildren enjoy together

Alba had a great time when she went to visit his grandfather Alejandro. He ran down the long corridor of the house screaming:

- Grandpa, grandpa!

- Hi little girl! - The old man said happily, opening his arms to welcome her.

- Can I stay with you to sleep? Please...! - He said looking at him.

"Alba, the grandfather will want to be calm tonight," her mother told her.

- If you want, you can stay for me - he said looking at his daughter.

Alba started jumping for joy.

"But you don't have pajamas," her mother remembered at once.

- Over there there will be a shirt to go to sleep - Alejandro said.

It was getting dark when Alba's mother said goodbye to her father and daughter with a kiss.

- Do not give war to grandfather - he said as he closed the door.

When Alba heard the door slam she looked at her grandfather Alejandro with complicity; They were alone at last!

"Grandpa, tell me a story of yours," he begged.

Alejandro sat in his chair, while Alba settled next to him on the floor.

- The fairs came to the town festivals only a few days a year, and people were looking forward to them - his grandfather began to tell him.

- I was holding the hand of your great-grandparents when I asked to get on the horse of the old carousel. It was my favorite, the same from other years.

- It was the most beautiful horse in the whole fair, and all the children wanted to ride it. A butterfly, a rocket ship, a hot air balloon, a pelican, a grasshopper, a fire engine, an ostrich, and a giraffe circled beside him; but all children preferred to ride the horse.

Alba was looking at her grandfather very carefully with wide eyes.

- Why did you like that horse so much, Grandpa? - Alba asked interested.

"Now let's have dinner," he said suddenly, leaving the girl with the honey on her lips.

Alejandro put out a small potato omelette that he had made in the morning and shared it with his granddaughter. In addition, they had some cold cuts, fruit and a yogurt for dinner. Alba ate everything with the desire for her grandfather to continue with the story. They cleared the kitchen between the two of them. Later, Alba saw her grandfather rummage through a closet looking for something to sleep on.

- Here it is! - He said taking a shirt out of a drawer - Put this on! They both laughed when they saw how big he was. - What was the horse like? Why did you like it so much?

- When he went up and down he whinny very loud. It had a beautiful saddle, long dark manes, long and slender legs, a high and erect tail and - he said pausing, - its gaze lively and bright.

- The bright and lively look? - The girl repeated, tilting her head.

- Yes, the horse realized how happy we children were riding on it. We could tell in how he looked at us.

- Hala! - Alba exclaimed covering her mouth in amazement.

- But that year was different, I noticed that something strange happened to the horse; looking into his eyes I saw that he was very sad.

- Poor! What had happened to him? - Alba said sadly.

- I let go of my mother's hand and ran, as I always did to ride the horse first and, suddenly, something pushed me and knocked me to the ground on the other side of the carousel: it was The balloon, then I realized.

- Did the balloon push you? - He said in disbelief.

- Yes, me and all the children who wanted to ride the horse. He blew us with a very bad idea, and he did it very quickly so that no one would notice. When the merry-go-round began to spin, the whole carousel was busy, but the horse was empty; that's why I was so sad.

- And the older ones didn't realize it? - Asked the alarmed girl.

- Only children saw what was happening, and if we told our parents they said it was our imagination. That summer was sad for me too.

- I waited impatiently for the following year - he continued speaking - The same afternoon they arrived in town, as I lived nearby, I ran away to see the horse. Something had changed; I had the bright look of before, and I came home very happy and jumping.

That same weekend my parents took me to ride the carousel. I ran as usual to ride the horse, but a girl beat me, and I preferred to wait for her to start spinning again. I was happy to see how the girl stood up with a big smile. Until the third lap I had no luck.

I rode him happily, stroked his mane lovingly, and he looked at me askance, thanking me for my gesture; He was the same old horse again, I thought. Suddenly, I turned to look at the globe, but it wasn't there. In its place, on the merry-go-round there was a pretty plane occupied by a girl aviator. I looked for it carefully to be sure and breathed a sigh of relief; all the children realized what had happened.

- What a beautiful story! - He sighed.

- And what happened to the balloon?

"No one asked," answered the grandfather, winking at him.

When Alexander tucked her into bed, Alba had a big smile. That night he dreamed that a beautiful horse was coming down from the sky, riding it, and trotting it through all the colors of the rainbow.

Long live for grandparents and the stories they tell us! All his 'battles' are full of knowledge and values ​​that children and adults can learn from.

This children's story talks about the special relationship that is established between grandparents and grandchildren, but you can also use it as a text to reinforce skills such as activities of children's reading comprehension. With this in mind, below we propose some questions.

- Do you remember grandfather's name? And the girl?

- Why does the girl ask her mother's permission? Do you grant it?

- What do grandfather and granddaughter do when they are alone?

- Do you remember what they had for dinner? Have you ever tried this recipe? You like?

- Could you summarize the story that the grandfather tells his granddaughter?

We love the idea of ​​celebrating Grandparents 'Day by reading a story together, but also by reciting poetry, playing games, cooking as a family ... Here are some very good ideas to prepare and celebrate Grandparents' Day for everything tall.

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