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Santa Lidia's Day, August 3. Names for girls

Santa Lidia's Day, August 3. Names for girls

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Lidia is a name for a girl of Greek origin that means 'the one that comes from Lidia', Lydia being a region of Central Asia in close contact with ancient Greece. For a few decades, it has become a frequent name highly appreciated for the sweetness and delicacy it gives off. Celebrates his name day on August 3, which is the day of Santa Lidia.

Have you ever considered calling your daughter Lidia? Your special day It is celebrated on August 3 in honor of Saint Lidia, who was Lydia of Thyatira. Also known as The Woman in Purple, she appears in the New Testament of the Bible as the first European woman whose conversion to Christianity is documented. It is said that she was a merchant of purple cloth, which is why today she is considered the patron saint of dyers. In addition, this is the reason why this saint is usually represented with a cloth of this color. In Catholicism, the day of Saint Lidia is celebrated on August 3, although the Orthodox Church is also very devoted to this saint.

The name Lidia is known and used throughout the world with hardly any variations, although lately it has been observed a preference for the spelling Lydia. In any case, it can be the perfect name for your girl because her musicality highlights the beauty of any girl. In addition, it is a name with a long tradition that has not lost freshness or originality with use.

The masculine variant of this name is less frequent, although it does exist: it is Lidio or Lidiano.

Although Lidia is not the most frequent name you will find, there are several women who have stood out for some reason and who are called that. This is the case of Lidia Falcón, lawyer and writer; Lidia San José, actress; Lidia Redondo, gymnast; or Lidia Bosch, actress.

All of them celebrate their special day on August 3, the day of Saint Lidia, which has led us to wonder ... what has happened on this date over the years? Some say that this day in 1492, Christopher Columbus left Palos de la Frontera (Spain). Also on the third day of August 1914, Germany declared war on France. In 1943 in Caracas (Venezuela) the first edition of the newspaper 'El Nacional' was published. Additionally, on August 3, 2004, NASA launched the MESSENGER spacecraft to explore Mercury.

As you well know, Lidia is a very beautiful name for girls, but it is also used to call many other things. These are some of the most curious.

- As we have already told you, Lidia is a historical region located on the Anatolian peninsula. At present, this area corresponds to some provinces of Turkey called Izmir or Izmir and Manisa.

- Lydia is also the name of a town in the state of Lusiana (U.S).

- In Venezuela we can also find a region called Lidia, more specifically in the south of the country.

- But in addition to places in the world that bear this name, we must also talk about asteroid 110 Lidia. It takes nothing more and nothing less than 1649 days to orbit the Sun.

- Lidia is also a type of spiders that lives in Asia.

- And, as you may have already thought, we can also talk about the Fighting bulls. These are those brave bulls that are bred for different bullfighting events.

The criteria by which parents choose one name or another for their baby are very different depending on the family. Sometimes attention is paid to the meaning of the name, sometimes to what it remembers or how it sounds, etc. But, despite all the existing criteria for selecting the best nickname, sometimes it is impossible to stick with just one. In these cases, many parents they choose compound names for their daughters. These combinations sound more elegant and serious, leading many to opt for them.

If this is your case and you are clear that one of those double names you want to be Lidia, below we have made a small compilation of compound names that could inspire you. We accompany each of them with its meaning and origin.

  • Lidia Antonia. Antonia is the feminine form of Antonio, a name of Latin origin that refers to one of the families of Ancient Rome.
  • Lidia Patricia. The second name has Latin origin and means 'the one who is noble'. It is a name that transmits a lot of strength, right? And if it seems too long you can always use the diminutive Patri.
  • Lidia Isabel. Hebrew name that comes from the union of eli and zabad. So it means something like 'God has sworn'.
  • Maria Lidia. This may be the most widespread version of a name composed with Lidia. Mary is a Hebrew name that means 'the chosen one'.
  • Ana Lidia. Ana means 'full of grace and compassion' and is a name of Hebrew origin. It is one of the most frequent due to its beautiful meaning, because it is very short and direct and because that is the name of Jesus' grandmother.
  • Rosa Lidia. Rosa is a name of Latin origin that refers to the purity of the Virgin Mary. Do you think it is a good combination with Lidia?

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August 3 is a date that will be marked on the calendars of all parents who choose this name to call their daughters. But this is not the only onomastics celebrated on the third day of August. Saint Asprenato of Naples, Saint Euphronius of Autun, Saint Martin of Masico and Saint Peter of Anagni are other of the saints of the day.

And what about the rest of the saints for the month of August? You should know that you will have to congratulate all those who are called:

  • August 4, San Rubén
  • August 7, San Cayetano
  • August 9, Santa Edith
  • August 10, San Lorenzo
  • August 11, Santa Clara
  • August 15, Day of the Virgin of the Assumption
  • August 18, Santa Elena
  • August 19, St. Louis
  • August 23, Santa Rosa
  • August 25, Santa Patricia
  • August 27, Santa Monica
  • August 31, San Ramón

After reading all this information about the day of Saint LidiaWould you like to use Lidia as a name for your girl? If so, we send you a big hug every August 3. Good choice!

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