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Day of Santa Alba, August 15. Names for girls

Day of Santa Alba, August 15. Names for girls

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If you like popular and traditional girl names, Alba can be a very good option when choosing a name for your baby. Alba is a name for a girl of Latin origin that has a double meaning 'sunrise' and 'white'. It is a name of great beauty both for its musicality and for its meaning, so it can be perfect for your girl. At present it is situated as a frequent and well-known name among newborn girls, in the line of those simple, short and forceful names that exude freshness and delicacy. Celebrate your name day on August 15, which is the day of the Virgen del Alba.

Because of the meaning of her name, Alba possesses an enigmatic and very attractive personality. His success in social relationships is based on his empathy and his capacity for seduction against which few people can resist. In addition, Alba has a great sense of responsibility and her determination can take her very far in the world of work.

The name Alba is not widely used outside the Spanish-speaking world, but we know its frequent use as a surname, as in the case of the actress Jessica Alba. The popularity of the name Alba is also due to the Spanish aristocracy, with the House of Alba as one of the most important and influential families in history.

It may help you to choose your baby's name the poetic connotations of the name Alba, for its relationship with the dawn and with the so-called Morning Star, which is none other than the planet Venus. Nor can we forget the historic Italian city of Alba Longa, fundamental to the founding of Rome.

But we also know many women who are named after your daughter. In the world of fashion we find the designer Alba Conde and the model Alba Carrillo. Although perhaps the one who most catches our attention is that fictional Alba from Isabel Allende's novel, 'La casa de los espíritus', Alba Satigny.

To know the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate their saint in the month of August, consult our calendar of the names of August saints. You will find all the curiosities related to the name and date of your birthday.

Those are the names that like Alba are popular and celebrate their onomastics in the month of August:

  • August 1 - Alfonso
  • August 2 - Angeles
  • August 3 - Lidia
  • August 4 - Rubén and Violeta
  • August 9 - Arturo
  • August 10 - Lorenzo and Amadeo
  • August 11 - Clara
  • August 15 - Alba and Paloma
  • August 18 - Elena
  • August 19 - Luis
  • August 23 - Rosa
  • August 24 - Emilia
  • August 25 - Patricia
  • August 27 - Monica

And besides, we have the most complete guide to baby names for boys and girls. Here you will find all the baby names arranged alphabetically to know their origin and meaning.

- Alba Carrillo, model and Spanish television presenter

- Alba Conde, designer

- Alba Flores, Spanish actress

- Alba Galocha, Spanish model

- Alba Molina, Spanish singer

- Alba Mujica, Argentine film and theater actress

- Alba Roballo, Uruguayan lawyer and politician

- Alba Roversi, Venezuelan actress

- Alba Rico, Spanish singer

- Alba Reche, Spanish singer

- Alba Reig, Spanish singer

- Alba Riquelme, model from Paraguay

- Alba Pose, Spanish actress

Do you want to know what type of personality your baby will develop according to the name it has? Numerology can help you know some character traits of babies. You can tell us what your personality is like and some positive and negative aspects of your way of being.

According to numerology, the number of the name Alba is 7. This number is the sign of thought, analysis, research and wisdom. It speaks of a protective figure of the family, noble, kind and loving of the study. They are usually reserved people, a lover of solitude and peace.

On the other hand, it is said that the number 7 of numerology corresponds to lazy people, very perfectionists and little flexible. He has a tendency to be lonely and does not like distractions.

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