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19 little details about parents that mean a lot to kids

19 little details about parents that mean a lot to kids

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A smile, a little game, read them a story at night ... There are non-material and sentimental things that don't cost us anything to do, but that for our little ones mean a world of happiness. They are everyday actions and gestures that promote family unity and, at the same time, make our children feel loved. Do you know what we are talking about?19 little details about parents that mean a lot to kids.

Small gestures make a difference, that's why we wanted to collect them and give you some ideas to make the suns in your life a little happier (more than they already are). Attentive!

1. Read them a story at night
There is nothing more gratifying for a little one than mom or dad dedicates that little space of time to read them a nice story. Maybe you already do it every night, because you have to know that it means a lot to them. Do not stop doing it!

2. Listen to what they have to say
Be it an anecdote, a made-up comic, what happened in your favorite cartoon ... Listening to them and paying a little attention makes them intensely happy. It's something they need to feel and it doesn't cost you anything to do it for them, right?

3. Go pick them up at school
If you can't always do it, the day you can, do it, because the happiest and most grateful children in the world will feel. If you do it regularly, rest assured that they value it more than you think. For them it is very important to feel that security when leaving school.

4. Surprise them from time to time
If you have already tried to surprise your little ones, surely you remember their face of emotion. It can be with a gift, a family outing or simply with your favorite snack.

5. Be grateful for something they have done
For you, for themselves, for others ... from time to time thank them for something they do, they will feel important and valued!

6. Make them their favorite breakfast ... and every day!
Many children love weekends because they can have something special for breakfast with their family. But if you also add the surprise of doing it on a daily basis, it will make him twice as happy.

7. Leave notes in their books
A note that says have a nice day and that you love him is a detail that will make him very happy. More if you do not expect it and when you open your school books you will find it.

8. Make their bed (or one of their assigned chores)
It is important that children learn to collaborate at home, as it brings many values, such as respect for the common space, the importance of work or helping others. But when he comes home from school and they find that mom or dad has made his bed that day, he will feel the happiest and most grateful being on earth.

9. Recognize your achievements
He spends at least once a week acknowledging a recent accomplishment, ranging from brushing his teeth every night by himself to being respectful to his sister. The fact of valuing our little ones is very important for them.

10. Play whatever they want for a little while
We don't always have time to do it, but just 15 or 30 minutes will be enough for your little ones to feel special and the happiest in the world. And, yes, we already know that your child does not get tired of playing Parcheesi.

They say that happiness is in the small details and that it is only a matter of looking for it and finding it. Parents play a very important role in this journey that our children are starting and we can contribute a lot with very little.

And it is that, as explained in the report 'How to promote healthy social and emotional development in young children', carried out by the United States Department of Education, 'a strong social and emotional base at an early age has a powerful impact on the attitude positive behavior and future behavior of children, their academic performance, their professional careers and their health outcomes as adults'

11. Have fun during the meal
Telling jokes, some funny anecdote, playing a game compatible with food (word games, etc). They will have a lot of fun, they will enjoy being with the family and, contrary to what many people think, they will eat much better.

12. Count on them
To do a family activity or decide something, it is very important to make them feel part of the family and family decisions.

13. Talk to your teachers
The fact that you bother to talk to their teachers to see how they are doing is an important gesture for them, as they feel loved and protected.

14. Trust what they say
Sometimes we have a hard time believing them, but you have to make a little effort, because they will feel safe in their family if their parents believe or participate in what they say. If they tell an exaggerated anecdote, let them develop their imagination, nothing happens.

15. Help them with their homework
Even if they know how to do them, it is something that children, especially the youngest ones, value very much from their parents, since it offers them attention and emotional security.

16. Let them try on your clothes (and even use them if they already fit more or less well)
Children love to wear things when they grow up, much more if they belong to their parents.

17. Ask them for their opinion on something
It is very important to them to know that your opinion counts. For example, ask what they want to eat or choose from all the destination of the next vacation.

18. Hug them for no reason
A good cuddle or unexpected hug will awaken the smile of anyone. And we must not forget that we must cultivate and promote the surprise effect in children.

19. Tell them how wonderful they are, and how happy they make you, how much you love them ...
For them it is very important to know what their affective role is with respect to their parents and to be able to hear from their father and mother who appreciate and love them.

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