In the House of my grand parents. Short poem for children on Grandparents Day

In the House of my grand parents. Short poem for children on Grandparents Day

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Make a note of it in your family calendar: on July 26 or August 28 (depending on the country in which you live) the Grandparent's Day. It is the perfect excuse to organize a small party or have a nice detail with the grandparents and grandmothers, who love us so much and take care of us. What do you thinke give them a beautiful short poem that children can recite? This poetry by Marisa Alonso is titled 'At my grandparents' house'.

This children's poetry dedicated to all the grandparents of the world is composed of five stanzas. Each of them is made up of four verses. Enjoy it!

In the House of my grand parents

I had a lot of fun

my grandfather plays with me.

I go with them for a walk

they take me everywhere

and they give me some coins

to buy ice cream.

what they know I like,

they kiss me, they give me hugs,

the two very strong shag me.

If my cousin comes too

We had fun,

for having us at the same time.

When i leave your house

they both eat me with kisses

and I have promised

that on Sunday I see them again.

Did you like poetry? In addition to choosing it to do the most beautiful gift to your grandparents and grandmothers you can use to work on some knowledge and skills that children have been acquiring. Here are some educational activities that you will like:

1. Reading comprehension questions
To assess your son or daughter's level of reading comprehension, ask them the following questions related to the poem. You can adapt the difficulty of the questions according to the age of your little one.

  • How does the narrator of the story spend it at his grandparents' house?
  • What do grandparents do?
  • Do you like having all your grandchildren together?
  • What has he promised you?

2. Do you understand all the words?
It is important that, before continuing with other activities, you ask the child if he or she has understood the meaning of all the words in the poem. To be sure, you can go back over the verses. In case you doubt any of the words, you can look up their meaning in the dictionary. It is the perfect opportunity to increase children's vocabulary.

3. Search for the following words
In the case of slightly older children, you can propose the challenge of finding in the poem some of the types of words that he has studied in language class. In this way, you will be reviewing in a very fun way. Ask him to find: a preposition, a plural noun, a verb in the past and an adjective.

4. We draw a picture about the poem
Finally, we can propose to our son or daughter a creative activity: draw a picture about poetry. If you want this exercise to also serve as an assessment of reading comprehension, tell him that his masterpiece should be limited to what the verses tell. This way, you will be able to know if he has paid attention to the reading or needs a review.

He July 26 is Grandparents Day in many countries, in honor of the festivities of Santa Ana and San Joaquín. In other countries the chosen date is August 28. Whatever day you usually celebrate this celebration, you can take the opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for all the love that grandparents and grandmothers give to the rest of the family.

The bond between grandchildren and grandparents (and vice versa) forms one of the most special relationships in the family. According to the research article 'The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren from an intercultural perspective' published in the International Journal of Development and Educational Psychology (written by Jerónimo J. González Bernal, Josefa González Santos, Vicente Ortiz Oria, Enrique González Bernal of the University Burgos and Salamanca), this occurs because grandparents feel that, from their position, they can offer their grandchildren unconditional love, which can overcome the responsibilities of primary servants, that is, parents. They add that: 'the experience of being loved simply by being alive is a contribution to one's own development of self-esteem and a positive sense of self.'

It is for this, and much more, that we can take advantage of Grandparents' Day for children to make a very special gift to their grandparents. This short poem can become the best of gifts. You just have to find the best way to deliver it. And here are some ideas:

- Accompany the poem with a drawing
Ask your children to make a nice drawing of grandparents on a sheet of paper. On the other side of the page, you can write the verses of Marisa Alonso.

- Record a video of the poetry or recite it over a video call
In case you have to celebrate Grandparents' Day remotely, you can record the whole family reciting the poem and send it to them by WhatsApp or by email. You can also make a video call and recite it live. It will make you very excited.

- Make a card or postcard for your grandparents
You can use these verses about the love of grandparents and grandmothers to decorate a beautiful card or postcard. Do not forget to put a nice dedication with which you express gratitude and affection!

- Write the poem and give it away with love
With the best of his letters, ask your children to write the poem on a sheet of paper. You can frame it or put it inside a nice homemade box that you make yourself.

And so that you can accompany this poem entitled 'En casa de los abuelos' with other children's stories and poems that talk about the same theme, we have left you a small selection below.

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