They are friends. Short play for children about friendship

They are friends. Short play for children about friendship

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You will agree with me that friends play a very important role in our life; We play with them, we have fun, we tell them confidences, we feel safe and we have total freedom to open our hearts to them. That is why we all want our children to have true childhood friendships that last a lifetime. To achieve this end, nothing better than teaching them the value of friendship. How about a short play about friendship? Perfect to read with your children and, why not, to organize a small family performance based on this script. We started!

The plays, it is not the first time we tell you, they are perfect to pass the time and at the same time to give valuable lessons to the little ones in the house. In this case, we are going to focus on friendship. Can there be anything better than real friends?

As you are going to see, the play is designed to be done with two characters, if you want to add more small great actors or actresses, do not hesitate to adapt the script to your liking. Children will learn that friendship means much more than having someone to play with. Let's go to see her!

Work description- Once upon a time there were two good friends who loved to hang out together. On Rafa's birthday, Rufo gives him some nice gloves so he doesn't get cold in winter. But what was the surprise of both when they realized that the gloves were too small. Rufo does not want to disappoint his friend because his gift is not worth him, and he does not want to feel bad that his best friend cannot enjoy his gift.

So far we can tell you, you will have to read the script of the complete theatrical performance to discover the ending, I can only advance you that for something they say that whoever has a friend has a treasure ...

Characters: Rufo and Rafa in the role of best friends.

Place where action takes place: a house.

Necessary material: a glove, a hat, a small box and a lot of desire to enjoy and learn new things.

The curtain opens, Rufo and Rafa are in the living room of the house.

Rufous: Rafa, I don't feel like doing anything today.

Rafa: What's happening to you?

Rufous: I don't know, I'm lazy, I don't want to do my homework and I don't feel like reading.

Rafa: It happens to me sometimes too. How about if we make a drawing?

Rufous: Nah, I'm not inspired today.

Rafa: Well, if you want we can stay here talking quietly.

Rufous: Ok, what do you want to talk about?

Rafa: Of my birthday! This year I would like to do something special.

Rufous: The what? (Question with an intrigued face)

Rafa: I am not sure yet, but I would like to take a walk in the forest and eat a delicious cake with my best friend.

Rufous: I think it's a good idea! I already know what I'm going to give you, I hope you like it a lot!

Rafa: Sure you do, you are always right.

The curtain closes.

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The curtain rises. Rafa's birthday has come.

Rufous: Congratulations, dear friend! Here is your gift. (He gives him a small box in which are the gloves he bought for him)

Rafa: Thank you so much! What is it? (Asks while opening the box)

Rufous: They are gloves, they will come in handy now that the cold is coming.

Rafa: Thank you! (He tries on his gloves but they are small)

Rafa: Wow, I'm not worth it, I'm so sorry!

Rufous: Too bad, I thought they were your size. It's okay, give them to me, I'll get you something else.

Rafa: No, no, I keep them, you have bothered a lot in looking for them and buying them. (Keep the gloves in the box).

The curtain closes.

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The curtain rises. Without Rafa seeing him, Rufo takes the gloves that were inside the box and exchanges them for a very nice hat full of colors.

Rufous: Rafa, what are you doing?

Rafa: Nothing Why?

Rufous: What if you try on the gloves again? Maybe now they will suit you.

Rafa: Okay, but I don't think they work for me.

Rafa opens the box and looks surprised to see a hat instead of gloves.

Rafa: Thats weird? But it is a hat!

Rafa tries on the hat and it fits him very well.

Rufous: How nice! And it's your size!

Rafa: Yes! I love it! But I don't understand what could have happened.

Rufous: Perhaps it has transformed itself or perhaps it has been an elf who saw you sad on your birthday and decided to help you.

Rafa: I'm very happy!

Rufous: I also! Come on, let's go for that walk in the country.

Rafa: Okay, and then we can eat the piece of cake that was left over from yesterday.

The two friends are happy and happy for a walk.

The curtain closes, end of the play 'Rufo and Rafa are friends'. Did you like it? Do you dare to do it with the children at home? We read you in comments!

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