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Ovulation and fertile days calculator

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Only some women are able to tell when they are ovulating, because they experience certain changes, discomfort or body aches on their fertile days. But generally, ovulation does not always manifest itself with these sensations, and it is sometimes difficult to know for sure when you are ovulating. With this ovulation calculator you can easily determine what the fertile days of the month to achieve the desired pregnancy.

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, in its report 'Age and Fertility' during the early teenage years, girls tend to have irregular ovulation, which produces irregular menstrual cycles, but by age 16 they should have established ovulation regular, which results in regular periods. A woman's cycles will remain regular, from 26 to 35 days, until her early thirties or late forties, when she may notice that her cycles are shortened. As time goes by, you will start to lose ovulations, which will result in missed periods. '

If your menstrual cycles are regular it is important that you write down on a calendar the days when your menstruation appears. Do it for three or four months and so you can assess if it always occurs after the same period of time. If so, then it will be easier for you to find out with the ovulation calculator your fertile days, that is, what days of the month are the most favorable for having sex and getting pregnant.

Generally, it takes 14 days from the day you ovulate, your fertile days, to the next menstrual period. Therefore, if you subtract 14 days from the total number of days in your cycle, you can calculate the approximate day you ovulate, starting counting from the first day of menstruation or rule. It is important to take into account the luteal phase within the menstrual cycle.

If what you want is to get pregnant, try to find out the date of your ovulation so that fertilization occurs. So you can have more control over the days when you are most fertile to conceive the baby you want so much. Try it! It is very simple. You just have to enter some data and you will get the result!

Have you already tried our ovulation calculator? You have to know that, in addition, with a few simple tricks you can 'choose the sex of the baby' and it is not the same to have relationships before the fertile days than after and doing it on one date or another can influence the sex of the baby .

If you have always dreamed of having a baby boy or you have a girl and you want to have a couple, we will tell you how you can do it! Your sexual intercourse must occur 24 hours before ovulation or just the same day of ovulation.

It is also advised that the position chosen by the man and the woman allows deep penetration and that hours before the sexual act your partner does not immerse himself in hot baths or put on tight pants, since the heat could affect the sperm ( they are fast but weaker than the female). It is not a 100% reliable method, but it can work 75% if it is not altered by other factors such as vaginal pH.

But if your case is the opposite and what you want is to make your little girl pigtails and braids every morning before leaving her at school, you have to follow the following tips to get pregnant with a girl and know that, luckily or unfortunately , the sex of the baby is determined by the man.

It is recommended to carry out the sexual act 5 to three days before ovulation and not have more than one relationship so as not to let Y sperm, the male ones, get ahead and gain an advantage over X sperm. The scientific explanation is that X sperm, which we know as female, are stronger and can survive longer time in the inside of the woman's body and once they have survived the male Ys, beat them in the race towards the ovum to fertilize it.

And to get more guarantees of success, it is advised that a few months before looking for the baby, the woman make changes in her diet and, for example, consume milk and dairy derivatives daily (150 ml a day), avoiding sodium and potassium, to reduce the sausages as much as possible and to consume three pieces of fruit a day, especially those that provide magnesium.

In addition to using our ovulation calculator, you can listen to your body. There are several signs and symptoms of ovulation that can alert us that we are about to reach our fertile days. Do you want to know them?

- LH surge

Days before ovulation there is an increase in estrogen, but also in a hormone known as Luteinizing (LH), which causes the release of the mature egg to the ovary, that is, the start of ovulation.

- Changes in basal temperature

When the fertile days are near the basal temperature of the woman goes from 0.4 to 1 degree. To know how yours is, you only have to take it with a highly accurate thermometer, just out of bed and always do it in the same part of the body (armpit or groin). You must be very disciplined and perform for a whole month during your menstrual cycle so that the following month you can more easily detect your fertile days and take into account other factors such as stress.

- Dolores de Mittelschmerz

Depending on the woman, it will vary from slight discomfort to more acute abdominal pain. These Mittelschmerz pains can last as little as a few minutes to a few hours, and are usually felt most intensely on the right side of the abdomen.

- Alterations in saliva

Another sign that can warn us that ovulation is near is the change that occurs in the woman's saliva and that is produced by the increase in estrogen these days, as is also the case with breast sensitivity that women may experience in these dates. Do not forget that changes in saliva can also be due to the consumption of alcohol, food or tobacco.

- Changes in vaginal discharge

It is also known as cervical mucus and you have surely noticed that, depending on the day of the month in which you are, it changes its texture (more liquid or thicker) and also its color, right? These two aspects are what will help you determine whether or not we are in our fertile days. If it looks like an egg white, you are in the process of ovulation! This mucus helps the sperm reach the egg and fertilize it.

- Increased sexual desire

Around day 14 (assuming that day 1 of menstruation), the woman's sexual desire shoots up. This fact seems magical, because it is as if Mother Nature is speaking to you and whispering in your ear to go ahead, that you are ready to conceive.

Finally, it should be noted that some women are hardly aware of these symptoms or that they are when they are on their last fertile day, which reduces their chances of getting pregnant.

And if after following these tips, do you think you can be healthy but you doubt whether to spend the money on a pregnancy test at the pharmacy? Do not worry! We tell you how to do a simple and quick pregnancy test at home to confirm that you have really achieved the desired pregnancy:

1. Vinegar test to confirm a pregnancy

In this test you must collect the first urine of the morning in a glass (clean and sterilized). Add a large spoonful of vinegar to the urine and let it rest for about 20 minutes without stirring. If a foam forms or the mixture changes color, you are pregnant; if it remains normal, it is negative.

2. Soap test to see if you are pregnant

You will need an unused bar of soap, much better if it is made of cuaba (bar) or Lagarto soap. Next, collect your urine in a clean glass. In addition, in a glass bowl, put the bar of soap. Pour the urine over the soap until it is completely covered. Shake it. If the soap bubbles and foams, the result is positive, if there is no reaction, it is negative.

3. Know if you are expecting a baby with a vaginal discharge test

This is one of the few tests in which you will not need urine, but you will simply have to observe the color of your vaginal discharge. During a woman's menstrual cycle, the flow changes in texture and color, but when we become pregnant, the flow becomes light in color, almost transparent and does not vary throughout the month. If you have a very clear discharge, it is a sign that you may be pregnant.

4. Check if you are pregnant with the oil test

Do you want to know what the oil test consists of and how it can help you to know if your egg has been fertilized during your fertile days? All you need is a little oil and a few drops of your urine in the morning (if it can be the first of the day). Let it rest for an hour, then add a few drops of oil separately. If they get together, it will be good news: you are expecting a baby!

5. Chlorine test to know if you got pregnant

This test is based on the reaction that chlorine will have to the pH of your urine, since it changes when we become pregnant. Collect the first urine of the morning in a crystal glass and pour a little chlorine over it (like a tablespoon); if the result is positive, the urine will react and foam up or change color. Congratulations!

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Once you have ccalculated your fertile days, you just have to wait to celebrate the news of your future pregnancy. And so that you can live this moment with all peace and tranquility, we have prepared for you the best tools so that you can enjoy this moment without stress.

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