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Biblical baby names. The most beautiful names for boys and girls

Biblical baby names. The most beautiful names for boys and girls

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Choosing the way we want to call our son or daughter is not easy. However, if we are clear that we are looking for a name inspired by the Bible, we have already taken a step towards that perfect name. Therefore, we have selected from all the saints the World's most beautiful biblical baby names. It is a list of 12 names for boys and girls of great beauty and tradition.

If you are looking for names for your baby do not miss this video, we have collected the most beautiful names of Hebrew origin. They are ancient names that have survived intact to this day, preserving their essence and beauty.

If your doctor has already confirmed that the baby you are expecting is going to be a boy, be sure to ask yourself the following names as possible names for your baby. You will see that they are options very traditional names for boys with a lot of history, so they are perfect for all those parents who are looking for a name with a great legacy.

1. Jesus
It is the most important and best known Biblical name (and possibly the first that has come to mind). This is the name of the son of God and has Hebrew origin. It means 'Yahweh is the savior' and his saint is celebrated on December 25 or January 1.

2. Gabriel
Surely you already know that Gabriel is one of the archangels of the Bible, the one who announced to the Virgin Mary that he was going to conceive Jesus. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'my protection is God'. His saint is celebrated on February 27.

3. Samuel
This character from the Old Testament of the Bible was a prophet and judge of Israel. If you like this name for boys you should know that it is a nickname of Hebrew origin that means 'a name of God' or 'God listens'. Its saints are usually celebrated on August 20.

4. Michael
Many parents like the name Miguel and that is why they have chosen it for their babies. If you are thinking of choosing it for your little one, you may like the idea of ​​making a small tribute to one of the archangels. This name is also Hebrew and means 'no one like God'.

5. Israel
Can you imagine calling your son Israel? Its meaning is 'he who fights with God'. And, how could it be otherwise, the origin of this name is also Hebrew.

6. Luke
This name is usually on the lists of the most frequent names for newborn babies. Many parents stay with him (and with his female variant Lucia) for its beautiful meaning: 'he who illuminates'. On the other hand, in relation to this name we cannot fail to mention Luke the Evangelist.

Are you having a girl? !! Congratulations!! These names inspired by the Holy Scriptures you might like. So that deciding on one or the other is easier, we tell you the meaning and origin of each of the names. Do you already have your favorite?

7. Maria
Being the name of the Virgin Mary, this is one of the most frequent names for girls. In addition to being used simply, many parents use it as a compound name. It is a name that also has Hebrew origin and whose meaning is 'exalted' or 'the chosen one'.

8. Raquel
Do you know someone with that name? Surely yes and it is that ... good things abound! This name is common, but it is not too frequent, so it does not sound worn or boring. Its origin is also Hebrew and means 'sheep'. In the Bible, Rachel is Jacob's wife and therefore the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. His saint is celebrated every September 2.

9. Sara
Tender and at the same time very powerful, that's how Sara's name sounds. It is perfect if you like names for girls that are simple and classic. Sarah, although there are also those who write it with h at the end (Sarah), was Abraham's wife according to the biblical story. Together they had a son when the patriarch was already an old man. The origin of Sara's name is Hebrew and means 'princess'.

10. Elisabeth
Did you know that Elisabeth's name already appeared in the Bible? It's one of the proofs that biblical names don't have to sound old and out of date. It means 'she who loves God' or 'She to whom God gives health'.

11. Judith
Judith (or Judith) is a Hebrew name whose meaning refers to the tribe of Judah. According to the Bible, Judith managed to free the Jews from the Assyrians who threatened them by cutting off the head of their leader while he slept. This name gives rise to variants in other languages ​​as famous as Judy or Jodie.

12. Ruth
We finish this list of names for girls that are very pretty with a nickname that is undoubtedly a winner. Ruth or Rut is perfect if you want a direct and strong name. Experts say that this name could have two meanings: 'beauty' or 'friendship'. Did you know that his saint is celebrated on June 4?

If you are in the process of choosing a name for the baby in your tummy, follow these tips.

- As detailed in the study 'The name of the son' of the doctor in psychology of the University of Palermo María Martina Casullo, there are many parents who use the cultural tradition of the area in which they live or from which they come to find the perfect name for their boys and girls. However, it also helps them to discuss the decision with their family or friends or to draw inspiration from the names that have been used throughout the generations in the family.

- Before choosing the name for your baby, think about how it will sound next to the last name. Sometimes there can be combinations that can be funny but humiliating for the one who is called that.

- It is fine to look for a name that is original, but we must be careful with names that are too rare, as they can be unpleasant for your son or daughter once they grow up.

- There are parents who prefer to wait until the last moment in the delivery room to choose how they will finally name their baby. It can be fun, but to avoid heartbreak, try to have some ideas of names you like thought of and discussed before then.

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