Children's questions about the life of sharks

Children's questions about the life of sharks

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Do you know how many teeth a shark has? And how do they sleep? These are questions that children often ask about this mythical animal that often cause terror in movies. We help you to answer thanks to this video, where an expert will get us out of doubts. Guiainfantil.com helps us discover all mysteries about the shark, the largest fish in the ocean. A video also designed for children. They will love it!

We askedPablo Montoto, a biologist at the Aquarium Zoo in Madrid, Spain, the most frequent doubts of children about the shark.

Are all sharks dangerous?

Of the 350 species of sharks, only about 4 or 5 are dangerous to humans. There are sharks of all kinds, in the background that are very small and not harmless because they do nothing, and there are large sharks, like the whale, that do not attack men either. The variety is great but very few are those that attack humans.

The most dangerous sharks are the white, tiger, and oceanic sharks, but They attack us because they mistake us for their usual prey, such as seals or sea lions. When he bites a human and realizes that it is not prey, he lets go.

How many teeth does a shark have?

A white shark, for example, has about 25 teeth in each jaw, in addition to successive rows of teeth that are born at the same time that they are losing the front teeth. Sharks don't have cavities. Since they don't eat candy, they don't have tooth decay.

How long does a shark live?

The half-life of a shark is about 20, 30 years, but of the white shark and the whale shark specimens have been found that have lived to about 70 yearss.

What is the biggest shark?

The whale shark is the largest fish that exists. A shark in adulthood can reach about 18 meters in length. It is undoubtedly the largest.

How are sharks guided?

Sharks have very well developed senses. For this reason, they become a perfect predator because thanks to their sight, their smell, and they have some very strange little things that are lorenzini blisters, sensory organs in the form of granites, which they present on the face that detect the muscular movements of their prey. So sharks are guided by their senses.

How do sharks sleep?

Sharks don't sleep like humans. They have a less active process. Sharks are most active at night, and during the day they are much calmer, but they don't sleep.

How many babies does a shark have?

Shark procreation is highly dependent on the type of shark. The gray shark, for example, can have litters of 2 to 14 young. Sharks generally have small litters. The bull shark, for example, usually has a maximum of 2 young. Then, there are sharks that lay eggs.

What is the greatest enemy of sharks?

He enemy number one of sharks is us, the humans. It is true that there are sharks that attack other sharks, as a group they feed on all the animals in the sea, but without a doubt, men are the worst enemies of sharks. Thousands of sharks are killed every day. Far more sharks are caught each year than there are cases of sharks that attack humans.

How do sharks attack?

There are many species of sharks and each one behaves and attacks in its own way. For example, gray sharks behave very much like dogs. They get angry, 'bark', show their teeth, and show a series of signs that make them change from a state of calm to a state of attack. They get nervous, they start to swim very fast, they turn around, they get closer and closer, and at the end of the whole process they can attack. You observe yourself and you realize this process, in the aquarium you have time to react. But that does not usually happen in the aquarium.

Just as there are movies, stories and tales, and everything about sharks, there are some activities that children love that is drawing. On our site we teach you, step by step, and with tutorial videos, how to draw other marine animals such as the seal, the sea lion, the octopus, and others.

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