12 summer activities outside of books for kids to learn

12 summer activities outside of books for kids to learn

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On our site we know that summer vacations are to rest, to have a great time and also to review what has been learned throughout the course, including the values ​​that parents and teachers try so hard to focus on. And it is that the most important thing is not only that the students learn a lot about mathematics or English, but that they are good people and in that case all the boys and girls are sure to get honors. Do not miss summer activities outside of books that children have to complete this vacation.

It is not the first time I have told you about my son and daughter's school ... It is a lifelong neighborhood school where they have such wonderful ideas as workshops are held on Friday afternoons and that, during In the first years of primary school, the exams are called 'silent cards' so that they do not get nervous. The fact is that every time the Easter, Christmas or summer holidays come, the teachers give them some very special activities.

Of course, when it comes to long vacations like the summer ones, they are asked to review the multiplication tables, read a lot, write short texts, dictate and watch movies, drawings and series in English. But, to all this, a separate sheet is attached that says:Ideas for summer! With that title, no child escapes that they already have in the palm of their hand the fun ideas outside the books that their teachers have been thinking for them with the greatest of illusions.

I share here a few children's activities and then you, if it's okay, add any more that you can think of and choose the one you are going to do today, tomorrow, the day after ... You are going to have a great time! As you will see, it is about games and activities to enjoy a few well-deserved days off but also to learn things, know the importance of values ​​such as friendship and companionship and also not to forget that the family is the most important thing of all.

1. Watch a family movie
Is watching a movie on your summer to do list? Of course I do! The idea is to choose it among all of us, see it together and then have a debate about what we thought, if we liked it, what we have learned ... We can even end with a nice drawing. Do you also think that this is a great activity to do at least twice a week?

2. What we have learned from the reunion with our loved ones
Surely you also take advantage of the summer holidays or any other time to visit family and friends that you do not have the opportunity to see very often. Well, this is another ideal home task to do with children; Once the family day is over, we will ask them how they have felt, if they take any lessons and if they understand why these meetings are so valuable.

Children have to learn from a very young age that the family, both the one given to us, and the one chosen (friends) must take great care.

3. A review of the experiences lived at home
You sit at home one afternoon or morning and tell your children that their homework for that day will be to comment out loud or write down the experiences they remember most fondly from time at home and at school this year. To make it easier for them, we can tell them to, for example, draw a picture of their best friends, describe what they liked the most about the school year, the things they would do again, what they felt uncomfortable with or sad and what are your wishes for the next few months.

Do not hesitate to do this exercise yourself, it will serve as therapy to value the little things and remove the stress of day to day.

4. Lets go shopping!
Among the things that my son has to review this summer are the coins, therefore, to make it fun, interesting and practical, the teachers have told us to come with us to do the shopping some day. This way you can see how much the products cost and how much money they have to return in each payment. They do not have to touch the money, it will be enough to fix it.

It seems to me that it is also a very useful exercise for them to see that everything costs money and that they cannot always ask that we buy all their whims, I have become a very clever mother!

5. Learn and sing the summer song many times
What would summer be without the songs! Of course I mean the catchy music that usually plays on all radios but has beautiful lyrics that children can listen to, you know that many songs are not for their age, so, our recommendation is that you choose one or two and that you put it at home from time to time to sing and dance to it, you can even do a choreography!

We cannot forget that musical stimulation, from a very early age, has many benefits for children. As stated in 'Children's music as a pedagogical strategy' by Berly Yasmin Guerrero for the Minuto de Dios University Corporation, music is a tool that fosters the construction of the ideal environment for children to learn. We cannot ignore that thanks to nursery rhymes, children relax and feel happier, which improves their readiness to learn.

6. Read a story
I remember when I was little and read books on vacation, I called it the summer books. Tell your children to read on their own and to read with mom and dad, not only will they improve in literacy but they will also understand that reading is the best hobby.

Surely you already have a crazy desire to start doing these review activities with your children, I am also looking forward to doing them with my children! Here are other ideal ideas to complete in summer.

7. Make a homemade ice cream or horchata
If it is hot we will make our own ice cream or a refreshing horchata and if it is cold we can prepare a cake or some muffins. Let your children enter the kitchen, it will end everything upside down but it will be a great lesson that they will always remember.

8. A water party!
Balloons, squirt guns, a bowl and each one to put on their flip-flops and swimsuit. Water-based parties are one of the things that children like the most, do not forget to include it in the list of things to review this vacation.

9. Make our own fan
Well, if it is hot you have to find your way around to counteract it, how about a fan? One made of paper or even a folding one, you just have to put a little imagination into it and you will spend a very entertaining family afternoon.

10. Fly a kite
Have you ever flown a kite with the kids? They love to see how it moves through the clouds. It will not be difficult for you to find one in stores but, if crafts are your thing, do not hesitate to get down to work and design your own kite.

11. A dip or a walk in the mountains
If you have the beach close by, take a dip; If this year you are going to go to the mountains, then a long walk. Whatever you can and what you like the most, but let it be with the family and telling the children curiosities about the rivers or the animals that live in the sea.

12. Make a sand castle on the beach or in the park
To close our list of summer activities outside the books we have ... a sand castle! If this year you can't step on the beach, nothing happens, the castle can be made with the sand of the park, the children will love the idea!

Summer is coming and now it's time to play!

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