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Yoga poses to get pregnant

Yoga poses to get pregnant

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He yoga of fertility or fecundity It is an ancient technique used to help couples achieve the desired pregnancy. It is a branch of classical yoga, originally from India, an ancient form of exercise and relaxation. But how can yoga help treat fertility problems? And that yoga poses are they the most helpful to get pregnant?

Fertility yoga is designed toincrease the chances of getting pregnant. Yoga is a discipline that benefits those who practice it both mentally and physically. This state of well-being helps to make it more likely to achieve pregnancy.

Although it cannot be said that practicing these yoga poses is guaranteed that an infertility problem will be overcome, there are couples who have achieved fertilization by getting rid of stress or anxiety.

We cannot forget that there are several studies that have studied the relationship between stress and infertility, both for women and men. 'The relationship between stress and infertility' (written among others by Professor Alice D. Domar of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center) ensures that in cases in which the woman could not get pregnant (which led her to feel great anxiety and stress) the pregnancy rate increased if the woman underwent psychological therapy to relieve stress and anxiety.

On the other hand, fertility yoga postures also seek to strengthen and tone the woman's body. In addition, yoga is very useful to learn to be more aware of the breath and movement of our body, which helps the woman to feel better, even in childbirth.

Have you ever practiced bridge pose? This position is also known as Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. It is an exercise that helps to stretch the back, but also the abs. With this bridge posture, the hip muscles are opened and we are able to tone the pelvic muscles.

- Lie on your back, keep your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.

- Bring your feet closer to your buttocks as possible. The feet must be resting securely on the ground.

- Then, inhale and exhale the air with depth, taking relaxing breaths.

- Then carefully lift your pelvis and buttocks off the floor, keeping your thighs and feet in a parallel position.

- Put your hands behind your back and hold this position for a minute or so without stopping your breaths.

This pose is considered a relaxation pose and is a great way to start or end any yoga session.

- Lay down on the floor belly up and buttocks close to a wall.

- Extend your legs up the side of the wall, while inhaling and exhaling, breathing slowly.

- Place legs outstretched on the wall so that they form a 90ยบ angle with respect to the trunk. Don't put pressure on your hips or force your knees, just put your legs in a comfortable position.

- Hold this position for two to five minutes and then slowly release your legs.

- To get out of this position, inhale and raise your knees, away from the ground. Exhale and extend your legs again until you reach the starting position.

Finally, we suggest you practice the shoemaker yoga posture also known as Baddha Konasana or Throne Pose. It is an exercise that helps to stimulate the abdominals, but also the ovaries, while toning the pelvic muscles and improving flexibility.

- Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out directly in front of you.

- Bring your feet to your groin As you inhale slowly and push the soles of your feet together. Gently lower your knees to the ground, while trying to keep your toes together.

- Maintain this posture, being careful not to create tension in the legs, between one and five minutes.

- Breathe and relax thanks to this yoga asana.

In addition to fostering a greater communication and interconnection between a coupleBoth verbal and non-verbal, which leads to greater intimacy, some of the physical benefits of yoga poses to get pregnant are improved muscle tone, body alignment, breathing, and blood circulation.

Additionally, yoga is associated with a variety of mental health benefits including improving mind-body balance, restoring a positive attitude, and reducing anxiety and stress disorders, which is one of the causes of infertility.

Gentle yoga forms are the most advisable to improve the fertility of the couple. They stand out:

1. Thehatha yoga, which includes slow and methodical movements is the most advisable, since it is focused on improving posture and relaxation through breathing and meditation techniques.

2. TheKripalu yoga which is recommended because it improves the connection between mind and body through simple postures and deep breathing techniques.

The more vigorous forms of yoga like ashtanga yoga or Bikram yoga (hot yoga or hot yoga) are not advisable for people looking to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

On the other hand, the practice of yoga as a couple It is an increasingly popular form of fertility yoga, and involves completing poses with the help of a partner.

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