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Santa Marta Day, July 29. Names for girls

Santa Marta Day, July 29. Names for girls

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Marta is a name for a girl of Aramaic origin that means 'lady'. Its popularity is due to the biblical tradition but, in addition, this name has had the ability to maintain its originality and freshness over time. Although it has been known since ancient times, Marta has become in recent decades a frequent name for all those girls who give off simplicity and beauty. Celebrate your name day on July 29, what is the day of Santa Marta. If you are looking for names for girls that they are beautiful, below we will tell you more details of this name.

On July 29, the day is celebrated in honor of Santa Marta. Martha of Bethany was a woman who appears in the Bible as the sister of Lazarus and Mary. It would be in his house located near Jerusalem where Jesus stayed on several occasions. Because of her helpful attitude to her guests in these biblical passages, Santa Marta is considered the patron saint of cooks, hoteliers, and domestic employees.

In addition, Santa Marta is the patron saint of different localities and regions in the world. For example, in the Spanish town of Villajoyosa, a typical festival of 'Moors and Christians' is celebrated in honor of their saint. Also in the Sevillian town of Los Molares (Spain) a procession is organized on July 29 in his name. It is also a big day in some regions of Colombia.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know the beautiful legend of Santa Marta and the dragon which is located in the town of Tarascón in Provence (France). This account that the saint managed to appease the anger of a dragon that since then is represented in many localities in the form of the well-known Tarasca.

The name Marta is known throughout the world thanks to the biblical tradition. The simplicity of the name and the emotionality that it gives off make it one of the most popular names and it is suitable to highlight the beauty of any girl.

Although Marta is translated into many languages, unlike other names, it does not vary much. In fact, in all languages ​​its root is still recognizable. Below we have prepared a small list with the variants of Marta in different languages.

  • In German and English it is Martha.
  • In Aramaic it is Marsha.
  • In Catalan, Basque and Galician it is Marta.
  • In Hebrew it is Mara.
  • In Portuguese it is sometimes Marta and sometimes Martha.
  • In Russian it is Мартa.

Although it may not seem like it, Marta can also be a suitable name to form beautiful combinations of compound names. Here are some ideas for names accompanied by their meaning and origin. Looking for a compound name?

  • Marta Adela. This second name has Germanic origin and means 'she who has nobility'. This combination, in addition to being original, is short and easy to pronounce.
  • Alicia Marta. Alice comes from the Greek and means 'true'. Do you like this name?
  • Marta Alejandra. Alejandra is a name of Greek origin that means 'the one who protects man'.
  • Ana Marta. Ana is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'full of grace and compassion'.
  • Marta Sofia. You may already know that Sofia is a Greek name that means 'wisdom'.

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Marta is such a beautiful and common name that it is not difficult to find famous people who have carried this name throughout history. This is the case, for example, of the American philosopher Martha Nussbaum. Closer to us are the Spanish actress Marta Etura and the successful pop singer Marta Sánchez. And the little ones can enjoy Francisco Villanueva's book, 'Marta y la reina de las ants'.

If you finally decide to call your daughter Marta, surely you will find it very curious to know which famous people were born on July 29, the day of his saint. For example, the German poet Simon Dach was born this day in 1605. The Chilean painter Ximena Armas was also born in 1946 and the Argentine writer Guillermo Martínez in 1962.

Did you also know that Prince Charles of England and Princess Diana were married on July 29, 1981? And that on July 29, 1954 J.R.R. Tolkien published 'The Fellowship of the Ring'?

Numerology recognizes that there are some characteristics in common between children who have the same number according to their name. In Marta's case, this is number 8. The children who are related to this figure They are very active and nervous babies. In fact, it is common for them to have a hard time falling asleep as they grow older. On the other hand, these little ones are very friendly and pleasant in their dealings, so it is usual that they are surrounded by many friends.

Also, they are honest (sometimes too much), so they can get to hurt the people around them without realizing it. A little bit of guidance and example by parentsThese children will learn to handle unfortunate comments as they get older.

And we could not finish without first knowing a little better the saints for the month of July that, in addition to Santa Marta, celebrates many other onomastics that many parents also have marked on their calendar. These are some of the saints close to July 29, Marta, some of them are celebrated in August.

  • July 13. Saint Henry
  • July 16th. Day of Our Lady of Carmen
  • July 24 Santa Cristina
  • July 27th. Santa Natalia
  • July 31st. San Ignacio
  • August 1st. San Alfonso
  • August 3rd. Saint Lidia
  • August 11. Santa Clara

On July 29, Santa Marta shares her name day with other saints such as San Félix de Roma, San Guillermo Pinchón, San Prospero de Orleans or Santa Serafina de Galicia.

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