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Santa Alicia's Day, June 23. Names for girls

Santa Alicia's Day, June 23. Names for girls

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Alicia is a name for a girl of Greek origin that means 'truth'. It is one of the names with a very powerful and deep meaning, so it can be perfect for your daughter. It has been considered a frequent name for decades, although it has been used forever. However, it does not lose its freshness or charm. Celebrates his name day on June 23, which is the day of Santa Alicia.

Who was really Saint Alice? A martyr who was punished for bearing witness to her Christian faith. She was married several times and had a child with each of her husbands. Of the first, Adalberto, was separated and, of the second, Otón II, wept for his prompt death, taking charge of his grandson. She spent her last years in retirement in a monastery in Alsace.

As a detail we will tell you that his saint has two more celebrations throughout the year: June 11, which refers toSaint Alice of Schaerbeek, founder of the Order of the Canons of Our Lady and known for her visions and ecstasy, and December 16, a date that pays tribute to Saint Alice the Empress or Saint Adelaide.

For the meaning of your name, Alice has a noble and sincere character. Her enigmatic personality and her particular conception of friendship lead her to establish real relationships with people very different from her. On the other hand, her good disposition and commitment make her succeed in the workplace.

The name Alice is known in all languages ​​with some variations. Everywhere it is a very familiar and popular name, since it is able to highlight the beauty and delicacy of any girl. So we know the forms Alice and the diminutives Ali and Lisa.

The character that has given the name of your daughter the most popularity belongs to the literary fiction of Lewis Carrol and his 'Alice in Wonderland', a fantastic story that has fascinated children and adults alike and that is keeps fully topical.

But we also know charismatic women named Alicia, such as the actresses Alicia Borrachero and Alice Joyce, or the singers Alicia Keys and Alicia Villareal. It is worth highlighting the writer Alice Walker and her 'Color Pourg', and we cannot forget one of the most successful Spanish businesswomen, Alicia Koplowitz.

As the translation of her name indicates, Alicia is pure truth, honesty and sincerity, but what more qualities can we know of our baby if she is still barely able, for example, to hold her head, to fix her gaze? More than you think, and all thanks to numerology.

Did you know that behind the letters that make up the alicia name There is a hidden number that will accompany and guide your little one and, best of all, what can tell us more about her personality? It is obtained by adding each of them (A-1, L-3, I-9, C-3, I-9 and A-1) until you get a single figure (26 = 8).

- Positive traits
For you, your little girl is the best in the world, right? And reasons are not lacking! She is a very, very, very responsible girl who will not have problems in school because she will be very perserving and will strive to be the best or, at least, to be among the best. Also, she will never break the rules or have that 'mysterious tendency' that other children have to get into 'trouble'.

- Negative traits
But do not be fooled, your daughter is like all the girls and boys in the world and, although she may seem very mature for her age, she will have the typical tantrums of her age that frighten us parents so much. This behavior will appear, above all, when after so much effort and work you do not achieve the expected objectives. Relax, little by little, you will learn to manage them.

There are no words, or rather adjectives, to describe the beauty that the name of Alicia keeps. Could it be because of its origin? That is one of the reasons, that is why we wanted to give you more options of Greek names that could be perfect for your little one, in case you decide to change at the last minute.

  • Sofia
    Means 'wisdom', Sofia is found every year in the lists of most popular names around the world. The name was first made famous through Hagia Sophia, venerated in the Greek Orthodox church. He celebrates his saint on September 18.
  • Penelope
    It has two possible origin stories: Penelope is derived from the Greek pēnē, which means 'thread from a coil', or penelops, a type of duck. Legend has it that Penelope was cared for by a duck as a baby, and was later known to delay her costumes by pretending to knit a garment while her husband was at sea. Save May 5 on your calendar to celebrate his day.
  • Elena
    It is a Spanish version of Helen. This name has roots in Spanish, Italian, Slavic, and Romanian, among others. Helen, the name from which it derives, comes from the Greek word helene, which means 'torch'. Besides being able to be written with or without h, other forms are known such as Elaina, Ellena and Alena. His name day is August 18.
  • Alexandra
    It is the feminine form of Alexander, which means 'defender and warrior'. In Greek mythology, Alexandra was an epithet for the goddess Hera. International variations include Alessandra and Alejandra. On May 18 he celebrates his saint.

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