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Mothers should go on vacation alone without children once a year

Mothers should go on vacation alone without children once a year

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Motherhood is wonderful, an experience that I blindly encourage every woman to experience, although I can also understand those people who have decided not to go on this roller coaster. And is that being a mother is a full-time job with constant overtime and limited breaks. Much has been written and said about how demanding this role that women take on is, and the last thing I've read and loved (I'm already packing my suitcase) is that mothers should go on vacation alone without children once a year. What would be cool?

The summer holidays are approaching and I dream of those days when I will be on the beach lying on my towel, sunbathing after having spread the cream well, taking walks holding my husband's hand along the seashore ...

Unfortunately, that's what this is about, a dream, because since eight years ago I gave birth to my first daughter and four years later to the second, that idyllic picture has been replaced by races so that they do not get into the water alone, scolding for digestion and games to build the biggest sand castle. Perhaps this year my days off will undergo modifications, although I am still not very sure if I could spend more than a weekend, with its days and nights, without the presence of my little ones.

I can't imagine going on vacation with friends and without my daughters running around me, but it is true that it can be an excellent way to relax and de-stress from my day to day, which is based on three pillars: work, home and girls.

According to psychology professor Nava Silton, these interruptions or stops in a mother's life are essential for the well-being of the woman and therefore also good for the children and the partner. 'Motherhood can be very stressful, since it is about small moments of tension where you want to do a lot in a short time, she explains and adds:' I think it is really important for mothers to rejuvenate and breathe a little, and leave vacations can be a great way to do it. '

Apparently this which sounds like something unattainable has become a trend that, little by little, is spreading throughout the world and that has been baptized with the name of honeyboomer, parents of 40 and 50 years who are looking for a break and they go on vacation without their children. Nobody should judge them for this and perhaps we should take an example, especially if that is going to allow us, in the long run, to be more relaxed, happy and be able to enjoy our little ones more. Isn't that quality time?

Find a destination you've always wanted to go to, take the suitcase out of the closet, put on your best clothes because ... this year it doesn't happen: you go on vacation alone without your daughters and the company of your friends! What are you still not convinced? Relax, here I am to show you the benefits of materializing this idea:

- It will be only 48 hours, but the effect they will have on you will be incredible. On the way back you will notice more positive and, above all, with recharged batteries to continue playing the best role of your life.

- Your children will begin to understand what that concept they hear often at home, at school, in the park or on television is: family conciliation.

- You will return being a better person and realizing the real value that things have and the importance of enjoying every minute, every day and every moment that life has prepared for us.

- This little 'break' within your established routine will allow you and the rest of your family to reposition a little and realize what is the role of each one within your clan. And if there is something to change, this is the moment to do it!

- It will give you energy, health and stress away, and all without the need for any type of medication or treatment. Can you ask for more? Learning to manage your stress, as the report 'How to keep your family strong. Managing Stress', by Child Welfare Information Gateway, will increase your happiness and teach your children that they can manage stress too!

- During this break, you will have the opportunity to rediscover yourself and to ask yourself some questions about who you are or what you want, to give a new meaning to your life.

- You will change your point of view, becoming more adaptable and flexible and learning to laugh at things to remove the drama from each action.

We all deserve a break and if, in addition, it is for the good of ourselves and those around us, we can only pay attention to this study and set out on a path to happiness.

And since we can't go on vacation every day (we probably wouldn't feel like it either), we want to recommend some activities that you can do at home for when those moments of stress and blockage arrive. Do you want to know them?

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