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Children are more like fathers than mothers

Children are more like fathers than mothers

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Who is your son most like? The eyes, the hair, the gestures ... the way of being. Who did he inherit the most from? Well, according to the latest studies, your child should look more ... like the father!At first you might think ... 'that's a lottery. Genetics is random '.... but researchers have managed to show that men contribute more genetic load than women to their descendants.

The study, prepared by scientists from the UNC School of Medicine (United States), it could be very important when studying the behavior and development of inherited diseases. Until now it was known that there are 95 genes called imprinted genes that are inherited, both from the mother and the father. This research also provides oa series of genes that are inherited from the father. These genes could shed a little more light in the study of certain diseases.

In fact, according to the person in charge of the study, Doctor Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena, current research in mice focuses on mutations in genes acquired from both fathers and mothers, but this predisposition to inherit the paternal genetic load is not taken into account. In other words, there are genetic mutations that come only and exclusively from the parents.

And what kinds of disease studies could benefit from this new theory? So many: from type 2 diabetes to heart disease, schizophrenia, obesity ... and cancer.

Scientists have shown in mice that the genetic mutation shows an imbalance in favor of paternal inheritance. And that mutations are different depending on whether the gene is inherited from the father or the mother.

The genetic load is very evident in many cases, both in physical traits and in the so-called temperament. Do you know how many things we inherit from our parents?

1. Physical features
We are not only talking about the color of the eyes, the voice or the texture and amount of hair. Moles, specific spots on the skin, or that peculiar shape of the toes are inherited.

2. Gestures and ticks
In this case, it is not only genetic inheritance but learning. Many of the tics we develop by observing them in our parents from babies. That way of holding our chin when speaking or touching our ear ...

3. Certain skills
For example, that ability to separate all the toes that only certain people have, or to close the tongue in a perfect circle when sticking it out ... Do you think it's yours? Ask your father or mother to give it a try ... you will be surprised!

4. Diseases
This is the part that no one would like to inherit. However, there are hundreds of diseases with a high percentage of inheritance. Among them, hypertension, cholesterol or cancer.

5. Temperament and intelligence
Yes, the personality is built throughout childhood and adolescence. But there is something called temperament that is also inherited. And according to recent studies, we can include in the list of inherited 'gifts' ... intelligence!

Now, now you know, that part of this inheritance has more to say the father. Although it may not be in the physical, maybe it is in the way of being ... or that facility you have with numbers and mental math. Observe and draw your conclusions.

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