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16 emotional gifts teens want before age 18

16 emotional gifts teens want before age 18

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Giving a gift is one thing, being successful at giving gifts ... is quite another. And it is that, currently surprising, is a task that is as complicated as arriving first at a concert of your favorite idol. But one of the keys to getting kids right is giving emotional gifts. But what is that? And which ones are the best? Here we propose some emotional gifts all teens want before they turn 18 (although they do not always confess it).

Emotional gifts go beyond something material that we can buy, wrap and give to another person. It is an emotional caress that transmits to the recipient how important it is to you. Therefore, it is quite an injection of motivation and self-esteem.

On the other hand, it is not the same to give a gift to a 10-year-old child than to a teenager, where his present emotional world is as altered as a child in the queue of his favorite pizzeria. Therefore, we have to stop for a moment and reflect on what you might really like and what would make you more excited.

Parents have the power to transmit to our children, the happiness that you feel when you are surprised or the joy that is enjoyed on your birthday, with gifts, surprises, and above all expectation ... However, the best of gifts emotional is that we do not have to look for a date to give them. Any day is a good day to think about a nice emotional gift for our teenage son!

Since our site We believe that these 16 gifts have to be in the lives of our teenage children before they turn 18 years old. Even if they don't confess it (because they don't tend to talk a lot about how they feel), they will love them!

1. Share the Camino de Santiago or another type of pilgrimage with mom or dad, either by bike or walking. This activity will be a special way of reinforcing emotional ties in the family.

2. A poem made for him or her or a book of emotional poetry. Variations on this idea: write to him the strengths that you have seen him develop throughout his life or the things that make you proud of your son or daughter.

3. Tickets for a great concert in a magnificent European city or close to home. All teens will love this gift!

4. A day excursion to favorite places from when I was a child (nursery, parks where I played, cafeteria where I used to have a snack, the hairdresser ...). Make that memory a special moment (we can see and take photos or videos). We assure you that the laughs will come out!

5. A reunion of friends from kindergarten, or from elementary school or high school. If it's a surprise, all the better.

6. A newspaper made with the most important dates of the years of his life, where he tells information about what was happening at that time: the music of the moment, news that was important, photos of your city as it looked then ...

7. A technological support with your favorite songs of these 18 years. They will be left with their mouths open when they discover the children's music that they made you play over and over again ...

8. A rap made by friends. Or failing that, a song of any style that is dedicated especially to him or her. Vaaaleee if you like reggaeton, then go for it! You dare?

9. A personalized game with photos from when I was little or current friends and family. It can be a board game of the goose type, Monopoly or bingo, whichever you like the most at home! With these kinds of emotional gifts, we continue to appeal to her childhood memories.

10. A list of all your favorite series through a video or a collage, which are now so fashionable and very surprising.

11. A trip to know your favorite city. As a family, of course!

12. Grandma's recipe book. Collect from grandmothers, the foods that he liked the most as a child and write them in a book to always remember them. Surely when your teenage son or daughter becomes independent from home, they will appreciate having this recipe book.

13. The book of family sayings. There are so many phrases that loved ones repeat to us that we could do more than one book and two ... but if we don't write them, time plays against us, we will forget them!

14. The diary of the last year. Specify things you like about it, strengths, hugs, special situations, anecdotes, photos, tickets ... You can decorate it with all the material that comes up in the year: ribbons and wrapping paper, cards, etc. It is a craft that surely you too, as a father or mother, are also very excited to create.

15. Give your time. Although teens seem to reject spending time with their parents, they actually like it! For this reason, we recommend that you also give him part of your time. And let him or her choose what activity they want to share with you in this time together.

16. Give him a massage. Does your child like massages? Organize a little spa at home and give each other massages.

Everyone the proposed emotional gifts have free creativityFrom the idea that we propose, you can give it your personal touch and adapted to the tastes of your children. We guarantee sure success!

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