Surprise Mission, a technique to surprise and make children happy

Surprise Mission, a technique to surprise and make children happy

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Surprise is one of the basic emotions that human beings experience when faced with an event; It has to do with the shock or amazement at the discovery of something that we consider strange, unexpected or that was hidden from us. The surprise then can be pleasant, unpleasant or depend on the context in which we experience it. We will focus on positive surprises, those that go hand in hand with our ability to wonder, to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. And we are going to propose a technique to surprise and make children happy. The surprise mission begins!

Those of us who are fortunate enough to be parents know that one of the most satisfying experiences of having children is to experience with them their capacity for wonder and their surprised gestures when they discover something for the first time.

Unfortunately at a time when stimuli come from everywhere and technology seems to be all-encompassing, this stage is short-lived. We get lost in looking for the best apps for the tablet that children sometimes start using at the age of two, the best educational programs, the most prestigious schools and cutting-edge toys ...

And many times we forget the essential: teach them to be amazed at simple things, to experience surprise for things that cost nothing, and that are there waiting to be discovered, to value moments, to develop their incredible capacity to imagine and always find reasons to smile.

Today more and more children seem to not be impressed by anything, that nothing surprises them that it seems that they have already seen everything through their personal screens and that many times new and real experiences are lost by living them 'virtually'. And, the most significant learning comes from surprise, amazement, that they manage to find what moves them, that catches their attention, that leads them to investigate, to discover, to know more ...

Here are a series of recommendations for help our children experience surprise and increase your capacity for wonder every day:

- Surprise them
Of course, one of the most effective ways to teach them to appreciate details and amaze themselves daily is by leaving little surprises that make them happy. For example: A note in his lunch, a chocolate in an unexpected place, wake him up with his favorite song, a painted rock that becomes his lucky charm, etc.

- Organize outdoor activities and in contact with nature
Any open-air walk offers endless possibilities to surprise and amaze you.

- Teach them to positively surprise others
Plan surprises and simple details with them to cheer up their siblings, their friends, their teacher, the building custodian, etc. All of this will help them experience wonder through the eyes of others and develop values ​​such as empathy, gratitude, and generosity.

- Help them find the unexpected
Once their capacity for wonder is diminished by the little things, help them discover the charm of finding an anthill, of being complicit in protecting a nest, of finding ways to the clouds, of knowing how the wonderful machinery that is their body works. , how the rain sounds and a thousand other things and then take them to the next level accompanying them to investigate more.

- Encourage play with different elements
If from a young age we help them create magical scenarios and have fun with simple and everyday things, it will be easier for them to find many reasons for surprise and fun.

In addition to these ideas, we propose the following daily strategy to help your child (and you) to surprise daily and increase your happy moments in the day.

It's called Mission Surprise, it basically consists of proposing to your child a change in the daily routine (a different way of doing something common) that will surprise him, make him laugh and give him the opportunity to broaden his perspectives on simple things. You or he can suggest ideas, but 'the challenge is that every day do something new or something different than usual'.

The options are limitless, here are some ideas:

1. Waking up in the morning in different ways: with songs, with tickles, with a puppet show, etc.

2. Brush your teeth or eat with your non-dominant hand.

3. Try a food that you have never eaten blindfolded.

4. Find different routes to get to school or home.

5. Ask him to talk with a classmate with whom he has hardly ever been at recess and tell you at night what he discovered about him.

6. Take the last minute of the shower with cold water.

7. Find 5 things in your day that surprise everyone and talk about them at night.

8. At the supermarket, play to put in the cart all those things that they would like to buy (even if they have to be left later).

9. Mix different pairs of shoes and go to school like that.

10. That each member of the family should learn a new thing during the day and share it at dinner time.

11. Make a family mailbox (can be with a shoe box or a jar) where each family member can leave surprise letters or gifts for the others.

12. Everyone dress up with things they find for lunch or dinner.

13. Make a rally to find candy.

Rest assured, ideas will never run out ... Start today and prepare to be surprised!

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