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Easy and delicious gazpacho recipes for children. Homemade food

Easy and delicious gazpacho recipes for children. Homemade food

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When the heat arrives, in the refrigerators of any house you cannot miss a jug with very cool gazpacho, and it is one of the most suitable dishes to combat high temperatures. And, although there is nothing like a traditional Andalusian gazpacho from the grandmother, over the years it has been innovated and thus we can find gazpachos of different flavors made with ingredients other than tomatoes, but all equally healthy and wholesome. We present you the best gazpachos for children that you can prepare at home.

Gazpacho is one of the star dishes in many houses when summer arrives or, rather, the heat, and it is that when considered a cold soup helps to better carry the suffocating heat marked by thermometers. Making a gazpacho is very simple and requires ingredients that we all have at home: water, oil, garlic, salt, parsley and raw vegetables, being the tomato the great protagonist.

There are people who, in addition, also add a little bread (abstain those who want to reduce their carbohydrate intake) and other types of vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers, onion and garlic (if the children are going to eat it, do not abuse it! !).

This dish, which dates from the time of the Arabs in Spain, has evolved over the years and it is typical to find fruit gazpachos on restaurant menus: watermelon, cherry or strawberry. Doesn't it seem like a different way for children to get used to these flavors, especially those who reject fruit? Sign up these nutritious recipes and start preparing them yourself at home.

We will start with the classic grandma recipe and that can not be missing in your recipe book. It is very important that we select our star product well: quality tomatoes, red and ripe. And that, depending on how we like it more liquid or thicker, we moderate the amount of water needed. Offering our children this simple dish is to ensure that food will be fine, because, thanks to the properties and characteristics of tomato, it is full of nutrients:

- Its composition in vitamins A, C, E or B.

- The presence of beta carotenes, which protect us from ultraviolet rays.

- It is a great ally for stomach problems, because it prevents constipation and diarrhea.

As a starter at a meal or as a main dish at dinner, this watermelon cream or soup will delight your children and the whole family. It is also easy to prepare, very simple and very fast, it will not take much time and you can prepare it in advance!

Unlike Andalusian gazpacho that perhaps for children it can be a bit strong in flavor, the watermelon is very soft and also very sweet ... it will go in alone! In addition, since it is a fruit with a lot of water, it will be a perfect dish to avoid dehydration in summer; Not to mention that being low in fat and low in calories, you will not feel heavy after consuming it. Do you need more reasons to prepare today a watermelon gazpacho recipe?

One last tip before you get down to work and go to the kitchen: wash the tomatoes very well and clean the watermelon with precision so that no pips remain. Many children do not like to find 'strange elements' in food!

Our guts ring out just thinking about how delicious this cherry gazpacho recipe must be! One of the good things about these dishes is that their preparation is very simple and that the children can help you prepare it, because you do not have to light the fire or do anything with the hot oil, thus avoiding some type of home accident.

We have used cherries, but you can also use cherries, to suit everyone! To highlight the flavor of this fruit, this time we will not add cucumber and garlic in small quantities. It is also important to note that the proportion of tomatoes will be higher than that of cherries and that you have to make sure that everything is very clean to avoid scares!

With this recipe, your child's health will benefit from all the cherry properties: it promotes sleep, its caloric content is very low, it prevents future diabetes problems, it has few sugars and a lot of fiber ...

The sweet taste of strawberry is one of the children's favorites, which is why we are convinced that this cold soup proposal will make your little ones want to repeat. It is made in the same way as traditional gazpacho and you just have to keep in mind that you have to add the same proportion of tomato as strawberries and that you can leave some to serve as garnish.

This dish is very nutritious for children due to the characteristics of the star ingredient. And it is worth remembering that strawberries are very full:

- Due to its high fiber content, it is perfect for children with constipation.

- Thanks to its vitamin C, it helps prevent cancer diseases and strengthen the immune system.

- Contains a substance called anthocyanins, which promotes concentration and memory.

Another excellent proposal for children to eat vegetables without realizing it (some completely reject their textures) is to prepare creams or soups. Some of them, depending on the time of year in which we are, can be taken warm or after having spent time in the refrigerator. Do we try?

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