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Traditional gluten-free churros

Traditional gluten-free churros

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It seems almost a miracle that with such simple ingredients a sweet as rich as churros can be made. This sweet is usually taken with a cup of hot chocolate, a perfect mix for cold days. Can everyone taste this delicacy? What about children who cannot take gluten? With this gluten-free traditional churros recipe that we have prepared for you, children with celiac disease or with gluten intolerance will also be able to enjoy some good and delicious Churros.


  • 250 gluten-free flour
  • 250 ml of water
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Sugar (to decorate)
  • Tips: You will need a pastry bag to form the churros. If the dough is too runny and comes out of the sleeve, add a little more flour until it has the texture you prefer.

Children are the ones who most enjoy preparing this churros recipe because they love to dip their hands in flour, make shapes and mix everything. In addition, churros are perfect for breakfast on weekends - when mothers and fathers have more time to put on their apron and chef's hat - or for a delicious and very sweet snack.

They will surely love them and you will enjoy a lot seeing them happy and content! Ready to get started? You are only four steps away from having one delicious gluten free churros for celiac children.

1. In a saucepan, put the water to heat until it boils.

2. Mix the flour (gluten free) and the salt in a bowl. When the water begins to boil, add this mixture, stir it and remove it from the heat. Mix it well to form a dough (Here it will take you to put a lot of desire and strength).

3. In a large skillet, heat plenty of oil. Place the dough in a pastry bag with a wide nozzle and pour it into the pan, shaping the churro. This step cannot be done by children alone because it can be very dangerous. Always, please, with the help of an adult.

4. Fry the churro until golden (open your eyes wide so it doesn't burn and your work gets spoiled), take it out, cut it if it's too big and let it drain well on kitchen paper. To decorate it, you just have to sprinkle it with sugar (be careful, do not abuse it and if you are going to drink it with milk or hot chocolate, dispense with it).

Cooking with children is an activity that all families should do almost on a mandatory basis because it brings a lot of benefits to all members of the household. Do you want to know them all?

- Cooking reinforces the value of responsibility
And it is that the kids have to be responsible for what they are going to prepare, because dinner that day is at stake, heh, heh, heh. And, in addition, they will see that their effort and work has its fruit. All are advantages!

- In the kitchen, you get to know your child better
This plan will allow you to spend more time with your youngster and, incidentally, get to know him a little better: know what he likes, what worries him, how he is doing at school ... Any topic of conversation is good while you boil an egg or you season a fish!

- Cooking new flavors are discovered
If your child rejects vegetables completely, why don't you show him that with these foods you can cook very healthy and rich foods? You are surely beginning to see them from another point of view and you will want to try new flavors.

- Between dishes children are more autonomous
Cooking is not just about putting the macaroni to cook. First, you have to see that we have all the necessary ingredients for our preparation, take advantage of the quantities well, not waste anything ...

- Prepare recipes and learn math
The quantities are very important for a dish to come out well. Only those who have a lot of practice can do it 'by eye'. What if we take advantage of the measurements in liters or in kilos to review the last math class? Studying numbers has never been so much fun!

- Read food labels and revise language
Cooking also gives us the option of reviewing our language and acquiring more vocabulary by reading product labels or, also, by reading a recipe.

- Cooking develops imagination and enhances creativity
We can have a certain recipe as a reference, but we can also innovate and try new things. Who dares to prepare a different tomato sauce?

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