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6 phrases that empower children and that you should incorporate into your language

6 phrases that empower children and that you should incorporate into your language

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Language creates realities. And so it is, dear families and teachers, everything we say to ourselves during the day can generate our reality. Everything we say to ourselves out loud or through our internal language can modify and / or condition to a great extent, our day-to-day actions. Because of that there are some phrases that we must incorporate into our languageas they educate children and empower them.

According to research, most of our conversations are with ourselves, therefore,how important it is to take care of our language! In addition, the way in which we speak out loud and in front of others, teaches others how they can speak to us and sets an example to our daughters and sons of how they can do it too.

That is why saying what we really mean implies a level of consciousness in the language itself that requires attention and self-care.

Imagine a mother who is constantly saying to herself: 'how clumsy I am, I've made mistakes again, it never works out for me'. ¿What information is reaching your children? Perhaps it would be more interesting if she said something like: 'I've made a mistake again, I need to be more attentive'.

In this way, taking care of our own language and the way we speak to ourselves, we are offering a model suitable for little ones around us.

Regarding the language we use when we speak to girls and boys, it is important to realize that this language helps to create a reality, in many cases its own reality, therefore, it pampers with care and selects with attention. what you say.

There are words that educate, that educate well, that empower and favor in a positive and balanced way. For all this, the choice of words and phrases that we address to our sons and daughters is very important, in addition to using an appropriate tonality that accompanies the true message we want to offer.

In the same way, words can impoverish the soulThey can bring down a girl or a boy, they can lower their self-esteem and limit their personal growth.

For example, if I tell my daughter 'you must learn from your brother that he is very orderly', I am promoting rejection in her. However, if I tell her 'you need to clean up your room, I trust you and I'm also going to help you', I promote closeness, help and trust in her.

In the same way, phrases that disqualify or label negatively, such as'You are dumb',' get out of my sight ',' I don't trust you '… And endless that can be heard from the mouths of mothers, fathers and educators and that can be exchanged for others.

Here I offer you a list of possible phrases and words that you can use instead of the ones that, sometimes, as a result of fatigue, despair, routine and even frustration, come out without really wanting them to come out:

1. I believe in what you tell me and I know that you will
With this phrase I promote confidence in my daughter, son, students ...

2. When you need my help, I will give it to you
In this way, I help promote love and collaboration.

3. You have been able to do it, I congratulate you
Satisfaction and pride towards her or him. Also, I motivate you to continue doing so, as there is success in action.

4. Alright i know you will
I show my confidence in your ability.

5. Every day you are better and I see that you surpass yourself
I promote the desire to continue like this and to be, to improve, to grow ...

6. I don't doubt that your intention was good, even though you hurt your brother
I show him confidence and I am telling him that I think he is a good boy. We must bear in mind that there are many boys and girls who have the terrible idea that they are bad.

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