African legends for kids

African legends for kids

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The leyends They are stories full of fantasy, but based on real events, which are passed down from parents to children, generation after generation. Legends are part of a culture, and each country or geographic area has its own. In this case, Guiainfantil.com has selected a series of African legends for children.

Most of them try to find the explanation to curiosities of nature. But they also provide children with wisdom based on essential values. Don't miss the following short stories that we have compiled and that you can read with your children at any time of the day.

Here you have a selection with the African folk legends more interesting for children. All of them will teach you something important about essential values ​​in life and nature. In addition, they will make them reflect and know realities that may be far from them. Enjoy a lot with these legends!

Do you already have a favorite African legend? It is difficult to stay with only one, because each one gives us something different. If you have not yet been encouraged to read any of these stories with your children, here are a series of reasons that will convince you.

1. Educate children in values
Generosity, humility, effort, kindness ... These are some of the universal values ​​that the stories and popular legends that we have proposed to you speak of. Therefore, they constitute a great educational resource for children to understand them better, in a more practical way, while reflecting on the behaviors that are acceptable and those that are intolerable.

2. Know other distant places
Literature has the great virtue of allowing us to travel through time and space without getting up from the sofa at home. It is a great luck because we can learn more about other places in the world that are far from us and that, for the moment, we cannot visit. These legends, without a doubt, are the ideal opportunity to know more and better the African continent.

3. Learn about African culture
But they not only allow us to know more about the countries that make up Africa, but these legends also help us to soak up their culture: their customs, their gastronomy, their ways of understanding life, their relationship with nature ...

4. Enjoy the magic moment of reading
Sharing a story or a daily reading time with our children is a wonderful way to strengthen our bond and build beautiful memories.

5. Encourage your children's imagination
These African legends show us new realities that make us realize that anything is possible, at least in our imagination.

6. Teach you new vocabulary and practice reading skills
Of course, like any other story, captions are a very useful tool for children to practice their reading skills, improve their expression, learn vocabulary, review spelling, etc.

In addition, we cannot ignore what is explained in the article for the Digital Magazine for Education professionals of the CCOO Teaching Federation of Andalusia (Spain) about the benefits of children's literature. They point out that books promote self-knowledge, but they also play a fundamental role in language acquisition, ingenuity, and understanding of emotions and perceptions. Therefore, parents must encourage reading habits among the smallest of the house, as they will maintain this interest in books during their adulthood.

We can have a great time with these African legends. But what if the fun doesn't end with reading? We propose some activities and games with which you can continue working on what you have learned with the stories.

- Reading comprehension questions
The first thing to do after reading is to make sure that the children have understood what they have read and that they have paid attention. To do this, you can ask them some questions related to the story or use the truth game (the classic 'true or false') to check that they have understood everything.

- Debate on the story
You can also organize a small family discussion about the reflections and conclusions that you have drawn from the legend. This is a very interesting exercise, as children practice skills such as speaking, listening, and expressing their opinions. A good way to start this discussion could be with the question: What would you have done in that case?

- Turn the story into a puppet theater play
If you really liked a specific legend, you can use the story it tells to prepare a play in which you are the actors or in which you use puppets made by yourself.

- Draw a picture about the story
After reading the story, ask your children to illustrate the story. If they wish, they can incorporate all the details of their invention, that is, they do not have to literally stick to the story.

- Continue the story or invent one yourself
And if you feel creative, feel free to continue the story you have read with new episodes. What if ...?

Excellent legends have come to us from all over the world that offer us the possibility of learning and discovering new knowledge. If your children have liked these African legends, surely they are also very attracted to these other stories that come from afar.

- Chinese tales
How much can we learn from Chinese wisdom! These stories born in Asia tell us about the culture of China, but they also try to make us reflect on their teachings and morals. Ivory Chopsticks, The Art of Calligraphy or Nian the Monster are some of the best traditional Chinese stories to read with children.

- Mexican legends
You may already know some of these Mexican legends, but they are always a good resource to learn with the whole family. These stories take us back to pre-Hispanic times, to the color of Mexican culture and to the universal values ​​that we must teach children. Do not miss stories from Mexico such as The Sun and the Moon, La llorona or The Legend of Corn.

- Greek mythology tales
Greek mythology explains the origin and why of many of the elements of nature, but it also tells us myths and fabulous stories of Greek culture with which to dream and imagine.

- Latin American legends
From Ecuador, Peru, Chile, etc. these fabulous popular legends from Latin America arrive. They talk about overcoming difficulties, about the importance of being positive, about solidarity ... Do not hesitate to share and enjoy them with your children.

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