Difficult word lists to make short dictations to children

Difficult word lists to make short dictations to children

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The short dictations they have a lot of advantages for boys and girls. However, there is another very simple exercise that surely catches their attention and that is ideal for them to know the specific use of certain spelling rules that, perhaps, within a text is a little more complex. These are dictations of difficult word lists.

In our site We have prepared some groups of words for you to dictate to your children at home, in addition, we have explained before the spelling rule they work. We have focused on some of the rules that elementary school children tend to study throughout the different grades.

Making dictations by words with children has a lot of advantages, not only will they know and learn the grammatical norm that each group works, but, as they are single words and not very long, it will not be too heavy for them.

Ready to get started? Here we go!

What does the standard say about the use of the letter G? Well, words whose endings are gia, gio, gión, gional, gionario, gioso and gírico are written with G. Here are some examples that you can dictate to your children or students.

- Magic.

- Sergio.

- Religion.

- Regional.

- Legendary.

- Glorious.

On the other hand, the endings ger and gir, typical of infinitives, must also be written with G Exceptions: knit, crunch.

- Choose.

- Lead.

- To choose.

On the other hand, soft word groups also carry G ga, gue, gui, go, gu:

- Dropper.

- Pea.

- Hose.

- Blindness.

- Guide.

- Gazapo.

- Umbrella.

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Regarding the syllables go, guiTo make the U sound, you have to put the umlaut over the U (ü):

- Penguin.

- Shame.

- Canoeist.

- Ointment.

- Bilingual.

- Stork.

- Umbrella stand.

What if we do short dictations to review the letter J with the children? In this case, the rule says that words that begin or end in -je and in axis are written with the letter J, as well as those that end in jero, jera or jería '. Let's look at a list of words that contain this rule:

- Courage.

- Garage.

- Stranger.

- Exercise.

- Farmer.

- Witchcraft.

Words in which the phoneme follows the group ob, ad or sub are also written with J.

- Objective.

- Object.

- Adjective.

- Subjunctive.

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We continue with our lists of difficult words to review grammar. Let's see what the rule says about the use of H. Those frequently used verbs carry H. Let's see some examples.

- To have.

- Boil.

- Freeze.

- Talk.

- Had.

- Run away.

- Puff up.

As you well know, there are also several interjections that carry H, either in initial or final position.

- Hurrah.

- Hello.

- Hala.

- Oh.

- Ah. (Be careful with this one, which can be confused with a (preposition) and ha (from the verb have).

And finally, we review the diphthongs ua, ue, ui. They are all written with H as well.

- Egg.

- Peanut.

- Hole.

Now it is the turn of the letter B. The main spelling rules say that before any consonant we will have to write B instead of V. It is what happens in the following words that children may consider complicated.

- Cable.

- Soft.

- Bravo.

- Table.

- Brazier.

- Shine.

- Absolute.

- Piece of furniture.

In the past imperfect indicative, they are written with B verbs ending in ar and from the verb go. Here are some examples:

- He danced.

- He was jumping.

- Sang.

- He whistled.

- We studied.

- You were going.

The spelling rule also cites three exceptions that must be written with V

- Boil.

- To serve.

- To live.

Remember also that before P and B we will write M

- Too.

- Trumpet.

- Bomb.

- Champion.

- Belly button.

- Man.

- Name.

- Prawn.

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The rule is very simple: Q is written when it is grouped with the silent vowel U and followed by E or I.

- I want.

- Maybe.

- Remove.

- Racket.

- Butter.

- Eskimo.

- Boat.

- Forest.

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The K is used mainly in words that are derived from other languages. For this reason, they are sometimes more unknown to children and they do not know how to write them. Below we see some examples through the following dictations.

- Kilo.

- Kilometer.

- Kilowatt.

- Karaoke.

- Karma.

- Karate.

- Kit.

- Ketchup.

We continue to review the writing rules so that children do not make spelling mistakes. Words that end in acia, icia, icie, icio, are written with C.

- Plain.

- Hustle and bustle.

- Phoenician.

Also written with C is the ending ces that mark the plural of the words with Z.

- Capable, capable.

- Disguise, costumes.

- Sharp. Biting.

- Cross, crosses.

- Ostrich, ostriches.

- Pencil pencils.

- Quail, quail.

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However, we write at the end of a D word if we see that its plural ends in des.

- Youth, youth

- Walls, wall.

- As well as some proper names:

- Madrid.

- Christmas.

- David.

If your child is just starting with the use of accents and accents, these dictations by words are sure to be of great help. Sharp words, those that carry intensity (stressed syllable) in the last syllable, are accentuated when they end in a vowel or in consonants N or S.

- Truck.

- Mother.

- Father.

- German.

- English.

- Bus.

- Also.

- Roller skate.

- According.

Plain or serious words, have the stressed syllable in the penultimate place, are stressed when they end in a consonant other than N or S.

- Pencil.

- Tree.

- Cadiz.

- Sugar.

- Clover.

- Crater.

The words esdrújulas and sobreesdrújulas, the tonic syllable is the penultimate, they always have an accent.

- Tell me.

- Comfortable.

- Maths.

- Symbol.

- Bring it to me.

- Share them.

- Correct it.

- Recommend it.

So far our lists of difficult words to dictate to children, did you like them?

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