Short poems about the family

Short poems about the family

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With poetry children can Express your feelings, improve your memory capacity or learn vocabulary. For this reason, we offer you short and simple poems that children can understand and that allow them to approach poetry. Do you know what is the common denominator of all of them? They are short poems about the family that speak about that very important pillar through which the child learns values ​​that will help them to develop in their day to day life.

We are born as a family, we grow up as a family, we get excited as a family and we laugh as a family ... But also as a family we get angry, we get frustrated, we cry ... And the fact is that the family is a whole school, the great school, in the that children are developing their personality and forging their identity.

Parents, uncles or grandparents are the image that children look at, that is why it is very important to define the role that each one occupies within the home and set an example with each of our gestures. For example, if we want our children to show solidarity, they must see us performing some type of act that speaks of this value.

But in addition to teaching from home, the family offers children safety and security. All this affects their personality, and it is up to us to educate and raise safe children with good self-esteem, or quite the opposite. If in our daily communication we use positive words and we use motivation as a tool or resource to get the best out of our child, we will be giving him one of the best gifts he can receive.

Lastly, we cannot forget that the family is the place where our offspring come to solve their doubts and to respond to their needs. Since the family is such an important pillar, we must show them with actions the importance of caring for it and nurturing the love that grows in it little by little. How?

- Through family gatherings. Meals on key dates such as birthdays or mother's, father's or grandparents' day.

- With the 'establishment' of small customs. Every first Sunday of the month we go on a field trip, for example.

- With the goodnight kiss. No going to bed without hugging each other!

- Creating our own family logo, hymn or slogan. It can be a lot of fun!

- Teaching them to respect the elderly. Let's learn to thank them for all that they do for us. And is that grandparents have become the second parents of children today.

Here you have several poems about fathers, mothers, grandparents and siblings, in short, poetry about the family to recite with the children.

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My grandmother is a fairy. The day I was born, a popular poem about grandparents. Poetry about grandparents for grandchildren to recite out loud. Poems to read to children about grandparents and grandmothers.

My grandfather. On our site we offer you short poems about grandparents for children to memorize and recite to grandmother or grandfather. My grandfather, poem by Chilean Pablo Cassi. Poem that talks about the gifts that grandparents give their grandchildren.

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Spending time with our family makes everyone, parents, grandparents, siblings and children, happier. It is true that there are times when we lack time, when we cannot find the right moment or when we do not know very well what to do all together. Relax, our site to the rescue. We have prepared plans for all types of families and for all tastes! Shall we start?

- Cooking as a family
If you like to eat, you probably also like to prepare delicious menus. Don't waste any more time! Cooking as a family can be a great plan not only to have fun but also to spend more time together and to chat and discover each other's secrets.

- Group tours
Going out on the streets offers families an extra incentive: contact with nature and breathing fresh air renews us all. On the walk you can take the opportunity to play riddles or to race.

- Cinema session with parents, grandparents and children
For the days that you are more tired or that the weather does not accompany you, we also have a great plan to spend a pleasant time all together. Prepare some delicious and healthy sandwiches, put the popcorn in the oven or microwave and choose the Netflix or HBO movie that you most want to see. There are tons of titles that speak of values ​​such as gratitude, cooperation, or empathy!

- Video calls with relatives who are far away
Thanks to new technologies, distance is no longer an impediment to seeing each other and having a laugh all together. What if you organize a video call with those relatives that you cannot see face to face and hug as hard as you would like? With a little prior planning and knowing how to choose the right games according to the age of the participants, you can spend an unforgettable evening. I assure!

- Family play
For those homes where costumes are not lacking and there is a lot of artistic talent, the best plan will be to put on a play in which each member of the family adopts the role that suits them the most. Remember that, in addition to the characters, in a theatrical performance the role of the director is very important.

- Marathon of family jokes
Along with love, laughter is one of the ingredients that has to be more present in homes, because laughter frees us from stress, reduces our anxiety levels, lifts our mood ... Come on, what makes us more happy! What if you organize a laughter therapy session this weekend? We put the jokes and you the good vibes!

- Stories for everyone
The stories take us (children and adults) to places that we could never imagine and awaken our creativity to levels that we would never have thought could reach. They are magical! This is why we suggest you make up your own stories and tell them to your children; or that you take classic and traditional stories that have passed from generation to generation and that you turn them around or that you change the ending. In your head, what would happen to Little Red Riding Hood if instead of having to take food to her grandmother, she decided to escape to live in New York?

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