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International Family Day

International Family Day

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Universally, the family is still considered the basic unit of society. It is one of the most powerful bonding. He International Family Day, that is celebrated every year on May 15, was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 47/237 of September 20, 1993, with the aim of increasing the degree of awareness about family-related issues and fostering family ties.

Through this annual celebration, it reflects the importance that the international community attaches to families, as basic units of society, as well as their concern regarding their situation around the world. The UN recognizes and affirms the importance of the family as a privileged place for education. The family is the place of growth, where we find protection and security.

There are many studies that recognize the importance of the family context and the security ties that are built in it for the physical development, but especially the psychological development of the little ones. When family relationships are close and based on love and respect, children feel loved and supported, which is vital to their self esteem and confidence.

On the other hand, the kind of family children grow up in it largely marks the way they behave in society. This is detailed in the research 'Family context and child antisocial behavior' (written by Lucía Antolín, Alfredo Oliva and Enrique Arranz for the Yearbook of Psychology, University of Barcelona). Often times, when children show antisocial behavior it is due to parental conflict, family stress or inappropriate educational practices.

Valuing the fundamental role of the family for children, it is necessary to reserve a calendar day. The celebration of International Family Day it is an opportunity around the world for families to show their solidarity and reflect on how to improve the relationship between all their members. Let us remember that this day is celebrated around the world every May 15.

The role of the family in the education of children

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Family activities at home. We present a series of activities to do at home with the family in which there is everything: from crafts and songs, through tongue twisters, to educational activities. The best leisure proposals to enjoy some time with the family without leaving home.

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Movies for the whole family. Movies about dads, cartoon movies, classic movies ... here you have a selection of movies to watch as a family that will amuse you, entertain you and are also educational.

Poems about the family. On our site we have selected a series of short poems that talk about the family. It is a small tribute to fathers, mothers, grandparents, siblings ... in the form of poetry that reminds us how important the family is. Poetry is a nice way to encourage children to read.

Large families. There are many and varied aids for large families in Spain, from transportation, assistance or education. In addition, as of January 2015, large families with three or four children will receive a tax aid of 1200 euros per year, being double if the number of children is five.

We can never forget that all children have the right to have a family, even if it is not 'of blood'. The concept of family It is not the same in developed countries as it is in Third World countries. The reality is totally different. In less developed countries, families suffer more poverty, and unfortunately they are forced to move frequently due to wars, or were destroyed by disease.

However, this does not mean that families in developed countries do not have problems, only that they are different. The needs they face are more emotional than financial. The family is one of the social groups that require special attention.

Many of the critical issues facing policy and decision makers around the world are related to the family. Some of the most common issues have to do with strengthening the family's capacity to meet its own needs, balancing and reconciling work and family responsibilities, reducing domestic violence, and alleviating poverty.

Beyond the demand and awareness that is sought on May 15, International Family Day, it is also a day to spend together and enjoy each other. On a day-to-day basis, we don't always find all the time that we would like to enjoy with our children ... but Family Day is to be together! Here are some ideas to enjoy it without leaving home.

- Family movie evening
Have you ever organized a family video store? Choose among all a children's movie that you want to see, prepare some snacks (better if they are as healthy as pieces of fruit), and take a place on the sofa!

- Enjoy board games
Board games are always a good option, as they are very entertaining and help children develop their skills. Chess, Monopoly, Parcheesi, Ludo ... What is your favorite game?

- Surprise us with the menu
Family plan in the kitchen! Each member of the family must be responsible for a dish: the appetizer, the first course, the second or the dessert. You must prepare it and then surprise the rest of the family with the food that you will enjoy together. Of course, if the children are young, they will have to share the recipe and its preparation with the parents. Safety first!

- Organize a family recital
If there are many artists in your family, International Family Day is the perfect day to organize a recital. Everyone can choose their own show: one can learn and recite a poem, another can sing a song, some can read a story, do a dance ... Luckily, the family is always the most devoted audience.

- Bringing the spa home
And if what you want is to relax, you can organize a spa at home. You can take a bath with aromatic salts and massage each other. An unforgettable experience!

But if you like getting out of the house more and want to take advantage of Family Day to organize a great family plan, here we give you other great ideas!

- Museum day
If in your city or in a nearby city there is an interesting museum for children, May 15 is a perfect time to discover it. Surely your children and you, the parents, can learn a lot from this visit.

- See a show all together
Depending on where you live, the options can be very varied: a play, a musical, a representation of marionettes or puppets, a micro-drama ... You just have to look for a show that adapts to the age of your children so that it enjoy even more.

- Go to a restaurant or have a picnic
On Family Day you can take the opportunity to go to lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant. You can also prepare food at home and organize a picnic in a park or natural area enabled for it. Just remember that you have to collect all the garbage that you generate and leave it in the appropriate containers.

- Organize a trip or excursion
There is nothing better than family trips or excursions and this special day for families is the perfect excuse to organize one, if that possibility is possible. It is not necessary to go very far, surely very close to your home there is a beautiful area that you still do not know. You can also take the opportunity to organize a trip to visit a relative who lives far away and whom you have not seen for a long time. You are sure to be very excited about your surprise!

Happy International Family Day!

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