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19 emotional touches every child needs from their parents

19 emotional touches every child needs from their parents

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Human beings need oxygen, water and food to develop, but above all we need caresses. A touch has the power to sustain and define our security, self-esteem, and happiness. Therefore, it is necessary that let's practice emotional caresses with children since they are small.

An emotional touch is something like saying to someone: you are important to me. And we all want to have witnesses of our life that bring us happiness and for whom our presence is a special presence. Through emotional caresses we will also promote and develop the mental and emotional health of our children.It is said to be the best food for the soul!

To offer emotional caresses we keep these rules of use in mind:

- The first rule is DO NOT skimp on your offeringBecause the more caresses our children receive, the better they will feel about themselves now and when they are adults.

- On the other hand, we must bear in mind that we all deserve emotional caresses. It seems obvious, however, not all adults feel worthy of those touches, therefore, let's teach our children to accept emotional touches as part of the process of their development.

- Love caresses can be offered in anytime and anywhere.

- Remember that they do not offer or have negative side effects.

- Watch out! Emotional touch can cause addiction. The more they say, the more they want to hear.

- They are an inexhaustible resource, natural and free.

- And finally, remind you that they can be offered in moments of crisis, fear, doubts, frustration or any psychological problem.

But also, as in all the issues that life offers us, we have a part that is important to pay attention to. In this case, we mean caresses that are used as emotional blackmail or psychological manipulation. Beware of them! These will result in the contrary effects: exercise power over a desire or goal to be achieved or can become hypocrisy.

Examples of these caresses:

- You are very smart but your brother is more. Yes, indeed, this is one of those cases where comparisons are hateful.

- You have become very pretty but I like your sister better.

- I already knew that you couldn't ...

Therefore, take good care of the how you offer your emotional caresses so as not to confuse the purpose of it. Bearing in mind that an excess of caresses or emotional gifts will also make them lose their true value.

They are many examples of emotional caresses that we could propose to you. But, ultimately, they could all be grouped into four types: verbal, written, physical or gestural. Whichever you choose, I assure you that it will be a present and future success.

Here are some emotional touches that you can give your children as many times as you want!

1. Make a look (looking into the eyes) while you feel tenderness or a lot of love.

2. A smile or a wink.

3. Tell children nice things like: 'I like you' or 'I love you' or 'I love you'.

4. Put on your favorite song.

5. Share games.

6. Tell family stories.

7. Read a story or watch a movie together while holding his hand.

8. Tell the children phrases like: 'You are important to me',' You are perfect or perfect ',' I am proud or proud of you ',' I trust you ',' You can achieve it ',' How well you have done it ',' You are worth a lot '...

9. Verbalize: I accept you as you are and if you were different, I would also love you.

10. Give the thanks verbally or with a gift that symbolizes appreciation.

11. Help you achieve your goal, goal, wish or dream.

12. Dance together. Or tell him 'how well you dance'.

13. Give a massage, a tickle, a pat to celebrate something well done that you have done.

14. Tell and show children something that we sometimes forget to make clear to them: You are the best son or daughter they could have.

15. Hug and kiss gogó.

16. Caressing or massaging the hair, feet, hands, body ...

17. Create a special gift.

18. Have a surprise party.

19. Be present.

Finally, it is important to remind you that only those people who feel valuable about themselves will offer emotional caresses. Giving caresses costs little and they offer an incalculable benefit for your emotional health and that of your loved ones. Learn to give and receive them!

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