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4 reasons to put music to babies in pregnancy and which is better

4 reasons to put music to babies in pregnancy and which is better

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According to Dr. Ibrahim Baltagi and UNESCO, music is the most important aspect in a child's life. But what about play music for babies during pregnancyWhat kind of songs are better and how do they influence the auditory stimulation of the little one inside the belly? Below we will explain why you should listen to music during your pregnancy and how it benefits the mother so much with the baby.

Exposing your baby to music while in your womb will help initiate and accelerate many areas of his neural development. Even if the ear will begin to form during the first twenty weeks of pregnancyIt is not until week 20 that the auditory system and its connections with the brain will form and develop.

By week 24 the fetus even will react to sounds that come to it through the placenta. You may feel it moving, kicking, or even moving your head in response to a loud noise.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, your baby will be able to listen to the same music that you listen to on the speaker or in the car. And in week 32 will be able to learn melodies that he will be able to recognize after he is born.

It is during these last weeks that you can take advantage of singing lullabies to him. It is scientifically proven that by the time the baby is born, his brain will have registered the tone of your voice, your mother tongue, the patterns with which you speak and even the rhythms and intonations of your speech.

According to a study led by the University of South Florida and the University of Colorado, the development of the auditory system takes place from the 25th week of pregnancy until 5 or 6 months after your baby is born. In this period of time, the neural part of the auditory system creates and improves the neural connections it has with the outer part of said system.

And to create and enhance these connections you need external stimulation in the form of speech, music, and environmental sounds.

There are many benefits of playing music for babies during pregnancy. However, below we are going to focus on the three most important reasons that will lead you to give the play to let the baby in your belly listen to its first melodies.

1. Helps in the hearing and neuronal development of the fetus

When we put music to our baby, we are helping him to develop his brain and hearing. However, be careful, because the volume and type of music that they both listen matters. Include in your repertoire music made with different instruments, different rhythms, sung and instrumental. It doesn't have to be your typical 'baby' print. Always change the music and choose the one that makes you feel good.

Each musical difference will increase your auditory stimulation and improve neural connections.

Also, during pregnancy, the baby's hearing system is not able to differentiate between loud sounds and music. What's more, they cause you stress and can affect your sleeping pattern and feeding times once you are born.

So try to listen to music at a moderate or low volume. And contrary to what many brands will sell you, you should not use headphones or earphones on your belly. Those sounds can be too loud for your baby's delicate hearing, damaging or even destroying the short hairs in the ear canal. It is enough with the music of the room you are in.

2. Decreased stress on the mother

During pregnancy you can be affected by many stressors, from social to physical and psychological. But did you know that stress causes adverse effects on your fetus?

Numerous scientific studies, such as the one written by Silvia LucĂ­a Gaviria for the Colombian Journal of Psychiatry (Prenatal stress, neurodevelopment and psychopathology) have shown that the greater the stress during pregnancy, increased chance of the baby being born late, suffers from low birth weight and (experimentally tested in animals) lives with behavioral disturbances.

Music, whether you listen to it or sing it, it will help you calm down when you feel anxious and stress. It is even a widely used tool during childbirth to help the mother at that important moment.

3. Helps to strengthen the emotional bond between the baby and the mother

The baby's brain relates the music and melodies it hears to how it feels inside the womb. When your baby, once born, hears those melodies again, his brain will lead him to the feeling of security and well-being that he felt within you. And if you sing to him, much better. Your singing will allow you to not only begin to identify songs but also to relate it to your voice and the tranquility they feel when listening to you.

Believe me, the moment in which they recognize in your arms that melody that you have sung to them over and over again during pregnancy is magical; when they calm down and sit still listening to you.

4. It also strengthens the mother's attachment to her son or daughter.

The baby-mother bond is not the only one that is strengthened: eThe mother-baby bond is also greatly benefited. The mother projects her emotions of pregnancy and becoming a mother through music. Many mothers report feeling safer and more protected with certain songs. Others transmit their maternal love to their unborn children with lullabies.

The effect that music has on human beings is not a mystery nor do we need scientific proof to know it: music makes us feel good. And if the mother feels good during her pregnancy, she is giving her baby the greatest gift: a safe space in which he can develop fully, ready to lead a great life abroad.

Do you dare to listen to music during your pregnancy?

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