The boat of boredom to end the reluctance of children

The boat of boredom to end the reluctance of children

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I remember when I was little there were days when none of my toys were fun. I'd played with them a thousand times and, although I usually always found some way to take advantage of them, there were other days when my head decided to relegate them to oblivion. So, at the prospect of a long bored afternoonI decided to say that magic word that always worked for me: Mamáááááááá !!! I'm getting bored…

But those were times when mothers solved conflicts with sayings, so I had to take a 'well, buy yourself a donkey!' for an answer, and the rest was up to me. To have an alternative to the boredom of children, I suggest you start the Boredom boat trick to end children's reluctance. A magic solution against laziness, much more creative than buying a donkey.

Today we are more committed parents, so we fill our children's afternoons with workshops, courses and extracurricular activities. However, this over stimulation of the children ends up being counterproductive, since the children must get bored. Only with boredom does the mind begin to develop imagination and creativity, learn to resolve pending conflicts and bring to light the most deeply rooted ideas within.

On the other hand, it is important that children learn to manage their leisure time in ways other than the quick formula of watching television or taking the tablet, but with more enriching activities.

The boredom boat against the reluctance of children is one of those resources that we can use for those afternoons in which we want our children not to get bored and unfold their imagination with new activities.

But what is this boredom pot? Its name defines very well what it is about: it is a jar we will go to when we are bored. And it is that within it, we will put many small papers in which we have previously written ideas of activities that we can do when we do not feel like doing anything.

In this way, the whole family will enjoy creating the boredom boat (since it is a time of family reunion and crafts), but it is also a very useful resource for those moments when boredom puts the calm of the home at risk. Because it is already known that maintaining patience from the third 'I get bored' of children is very complicated.

The best thing about this trick is that we can make it at home, with materials that we have stored in the cupboards, without spending money. It is very simple!

1. Choose with your child a glass jar with a lid. It could be, for example, the jar that the green beans or canned tomatoes came in. In the absence of one of these jars, you can use any box you have.

2. Ask the child to write on pieces of paper things you would like to do, for example: Make a sock puppet.

3. Then we introduce all the notes into the jar and cover it.

4. When the child is bored he will only have to uncover the bottle, put his hand and choose one of the roles. So you can do some of those home activities that you always leave for another time.

Perhaps one of the trickiest parts of making this boredom boat is finding enough activities around the house that the kids will be in the mood for and fun. And if these games also promote some kind of learning or practice of children's skills, all the better.

We propose some ideas to put in the pot. Do not hesitate to adapt them to meet your preferences and needs.

- Do music with crystal glasses filled with water

- Disguise myself and make a theater for my parents

- Make puppets out of old socks

- Cook a cake

- Make a swallow monster out of a cardboard box

- Make a collage with cutouts from a magazine

- Do a dance with music

- Paint with watercolor

- Write a story

- Make a hut out of towels and clothespins

- Sew on buttons to an old t-shirt and paint it

- Make a necklace with macaroni or pumpkin seeds

- Make a boat out of popsicle sticks

- Play Blind Chicken

- Do Chinese shadows on the wall

- Make a painting with leaves of trees

- Play a board game

- Create a ecosystem inside a boat glass with stones, moss and small plants

- Paint stones

- Do experiments mixing flour and spices from the kitchen (or many other materials that you have at home).

More activities for our boredom boat

So far we have presented the boredom boat as a resource to end the reluctance of children. However, we can use this same concept of putting papers in a jar with the aim of improving family life in other ways. Here are other ideas for using this resource at home.

- Get to know each other better
With how busy and worried we are on a day-to-day basis (not to mention that feeling that we all have of 'not getting to everything') sometimes we don't even find time to even know ourselves. For example, do you know the name of your teenager's best friend? And what is your little daughter's favorite color? We propose a game based on the boat of boredom with which you will get to know each other better.

Each member of the family writes some questions about themselves on several small papers. For example, what is my favorite dessert? or what is the story that I like the most? These questions are then put into an empty jar and each takes out a piece of paper. You will have to answer the question that appears for each of the family members.

- Reinforce positivism at home
If we don't stop to reflect on all the good things that happen to us every day (even when we live in a complicated situation), it is easy to believe that nothing positive is happening to us. However, beautiful things happen every day that we can learn a lot from. For this reason, we suggest that you meet with your family once a day and write down one of those good things that happened to you on that day.

Then, you put it in the pot and after the weeks you can read it again to be more positive.

- Promote the self-esteem of our family members
Sometimes we forget how wonderful we are, each and every one of us. For this reason, we suggest that each member of your family write, every day, a beautiful message addressed to a family member. Also once a day, each of you will take out one of these papers and read the sentences that you have written to yourself: Mom, you are great! Thanks dad for your wonderful meals! A shot of self-esteem and love for everyone!

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