For boredom. Short poems about children's creativity

For boredom. Short poems about children's creativity

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Out of boredom ... wonderful things can be achieved! When children get bored, they look for highly imaginative ways to entertain themselves. They even discover new talents or acquire new skills, like the protagonists of this nursery rhyme. Through short poems like this one, which is titled 'Out of Boredom', we can make children exploit all their creativity.

In addition to this poem, below you will find other educational resources that talk about boredom, but also about children's creativity and curiosity. In addition, we propose some activities and games that you can propose to your children after reading of the verses.

Do not miss this poetry about boredom that Marisa Alonso has written for all children! As you can see, it is made up of 18 verses that follow a certain parallel in their structure. What a rhythm!

How Ginés is bored

count the toes of one foot

and pound a mortar.

How bored Mariano

with the fingers of one hand

How bored Juliet

he also plays the trumpet.

How bored Ramón

plays the whistle and the drum.

How is Fermín bored?

He also plays the violin.

How bored Fabiola

How bored

Maria plays the drums well.

And out of sheer boredom

Long live the boredom that makes us discover new talents! And long live the music! After reading this short poem, you can propose to your children various activities and fun games with which to continue working on what they have read. Here are some ideas of exercises for your children, but do not hesitate to adapt them to their age and knowledge.

1. Reading comprehension questions about poetry
First of all, we are going to make sure that your children have paid attention to the reading of the poem. In case they do not know how to answer some of the reading comprehension questions that we propose below, you can read the poem again.

  • Why do all the protagonists of this poetry decide to try a new hobby?
  • What did they decide to do?
  • Do you remember the name of any of the musical instruments that are mentioned?
  • When you put your new talent together, what did you all do together?

2. Questions to Ponder About Boredom
This short poem talks about how boredom makes us more creative and curious. Therefore, we can take the opportunity to reflect on this emotion with our children. Here are some questions that we could propose to you.

  • How would you define boredom?
  • What do you feel when you are bored? Do you like to be bored?
  • What have you done to stop being bored?

3. We make up more verses for this short poem
What if you keep inventing some more verses for this poem? You can choose the names of friends and musical instruments that your children know. We become poets!

4. We know musical instruments
In addition to talking about creativity and boredom, this poem allows us to teach children the names of musical instruments. In the verses some are mentioned such as the violin or the flute, but we can add some more to the list.

We can take the opportunity to teach children images of these instruments, put music in which they sound so that they learn to identify their bell or, you can even make them at home with recycled materials.

Parents are very afraid of hearing a 'I'm bored' from the lips of our children. That's why we look for a thousand and one games and we sign them up for dozens of extracurricular activities so they don't get bored. However, the result is sometimes counterproductive since, being overstimulated, they also get bored (they can even become stressed).

Therefore, parents must also be aware that children have to get bored from time to time; although we must be careful not to fall into the other extreme and leave them bored all day (because they would accuse the lack of stimuli in their development and learning).

Children must get bored from time to time because:

- Like the protagonists of this poem, they can discover new talents and abilities.

- We promote creativity, because children look for many ideas to be entertained.

- We help children learn to solve obstacles and the problems found.

- We encourage the relaxation of children, as they find a moment of calm.

And for what continue working with the children the emotion of boredom and great creativity in which it can lead, below we propose some short stories and poems that talk about this topic.

You can use all of them to read them with your children and propose reflections and activities like the ones we have suggested for this story. We can even use them for ourselves, parents, to think about the type of upbringing and education that we are offering to our children.

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