The problem with children today is that they are not bored

The problem with children today is that they are not bored

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Today most children are overprotected, overstimulated, and uncreative. The reason? The problem with children today is that they are not boredThat is why it is important that parents leave room for boredom and that we not intervene at all. Only in this way will they look for new things to fill that gap and arouse their curiosity.

He boredom It is an emotion that has two faces and that, depending on where it occurs, can be something negative or, on the contrary, become a growth proposal for those who experience it, in this case children.

On the one hand, boredom in the classroom is the emotion that least enhances learning because it makes the student demotivated and disconnected from everything; it's like the brain says 'out there, this doesn't interest me at all'. Then nothing that they are explaining comes in at that moment, the mind rejects it automatically.

Outside the classroom, on the other hand, it is a wonderful emotion that, although at first it may be unpleasant, the person experiencing it realizes that they feel a lack of interest in what they are doing, that they do not find any incentive and, consequently, it 'forces you to activate'.

Boredom is a wake-up callThat is, when a person says 'what I'm doing bores me', they quickly look for something else, that's why psychologists say that boredom in children drives creativity and that parents should not avoid going through this emotion, because it can be very beneficial to them.

Boredom is a thought-provoking emotion, because it makes one go inside and wonder: 'What do I do? What I do?'. From that question new things arise, it gives rise to innovation and hence it is very important that children get bored, although lately this does not seem to be the trend.

Today's kids are overloaded with activities, so there is no room for boredom. Since they were little they have become used to having a lot of stimuli and it could be said that they live hyperstimulated. They are not used to waiting, they are not used to being bored, they are not used to pausing at a time of inactivity, and of course they are not used to reflecting.

They get bored when they have to make a little effort, like turning the pages of a book (it is faster to press the finger on the tablet), or when they have to find a way to fill time. That is why we, as parents, should not cover that time for them. We should encourage them to think so that they can be more creative.

Begoña Ibarrola is a psychologist, but also a short story writer. On this occasion, the author recommends 'The Mysterious Package' (Edited by Desclée de Brouwer, illustrated by Rocío Martínez). The main theme of the book is surprise, but the beginning is boredom.

Martina loves to play sports, especially skateboarding, but she is reckless and breaks her leg while practicing her favorite physical activity. This situation of immobility causes him extreme boredom, since he has to be at home and cannot go out.

Until one day something unexpected happens: he receives a package in his name with a book and a strange object. From that moment on he discovers the pleasure of reading and experiences countless surprises, some pleasant and others not so much, and says goodbye to boredom forever.

Do you want to live Martina's adventures too? Do you want to get out of boredom and enter a new world? Reading can be an excellent tool for this, because it will take children (and adults too) to wonderful worlds that were unattainable until now.

It is the children who have to learn to have resources to get out of that boredom situation, but if we notice them a little disoriented, we can sit down with them and help them make a list of things to do when they get bored or, rather, anti-boredom strategies. Here are some ideas!

1 - Read a book
And it is that as happens to the protagonist of 'A mysterious package', reading is an open door to the imagination.

2 - Pick up the room or toys
Yes, it may seem a bit boring at first, but I'm sure that in the search for order the child will find toys that he can give a second life to.

3 - Cooking as a family
If the child is very young, it is not convenient for him to get into the stove, but for those who are over 10 years old, the kitchen becomes a place of creativity. What can your kid do with easy ingredients like a can of tuna? If you think about it, a lot of things!

4 - Write a story or draw a picture
Tell him to take a blank piece of paper and a pen or box of paints and write what comes out. It can be a drawing or, perhaps, a beautiful story inspired by Martina's story.

5 - Learn a poetry
If we keep our minds active, the boredom will disappear! Try to memorize this poem:

They have put glasses to see

and jumping to school,

happy, hopping.

Do you see the letters with the glasses?

- The teacher asks him -

and the bunny answered:

I see much better now!

6 - Make crafts
Activities with cardboard boxes, with egg cups, with ice cream sticks or with toilet paper rolls ... Any recycling material is perfect to create a rocket, a fire engine or a musical instrument.

7 - Create a choreography
Dancing is a type of exercise that can help children and adults to relax, de-stress and see life differently, and it gives us extra doses of energy and joy. You dare?

8 - Travel to another corner of the planet
Do you have a world map at home? Or the book of Social or Knowledge of the Environment? Tell your child to choose a place that he would like to visit, to imagine that it is there and what stories he could experience.

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