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Cute and beautiful girl names inspired by virgins from Mexico

Cute and beautiful girl names inspired by virgins from Mexico

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For the Catholic community, naming their daughter after the Virgin to whom each family is devoted is a very common custom. It may be because they have promised the Virgin her name due to some request fulfilled or also because of initial devotion. Be that as it may, in Mexico there is a very recognized Catholic population and it is common to chooseCute and beautiful girl names inspired by virgins from Mexico. Know the most frequent!

The quintessential Mexican name is Guadalupe, Lupita for family and friends. And it is that the Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron saint of the country and It is the only Marian appearance that has been recorded so far throughout the history of Mexico.

According to historical texts, the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Mexico date back to 1531, when the Virgin appeared to the Chichimeca Indian Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin four times on the Tepeyac hill. He also appeared on one occasion to Juan Bernardino, Juan Diego's uncle.

According to the official account, the Nican Mopohua (Nahuatl account of the Marian apparitions in Tepeyac), the Virgin asked Juan Diego to appear to speak with the first bishop of Mexico, Juan de Zumárraga, to have a temple erected in that same place. The bishop, incredulous, asked Juan Diego for a test. He went to speak again with the Virgin, who ordered him to cut some flowers in Tepeyac and carry them in his ayate the next time he went to see the bishop. When unfolding his ayate before the bishop, the image of the Virgin appeared, a brown and mestizo Virgin.

For any Mexican it is an honor to bear the name of the Virgin of Mexico. It is such a popular name that it is not only used as a girl's name, but also a boy's name, usually accompanied by another name. Its origin is Arabic and comes from wad-al-luben which means 'river of black stones' or 'river of love'.

There is only one Virgin Mary, but, as you know, the different Marian invocations throughout history have given rise to the cult of the Virgin with different names, referring to the places of appearance, miracles or other aspects, such as her condition as mediator. , to fruits or birds, to physical or psychological states of the Virgin, among others.

Although the Virgin of Guadalupe is the best known in Mexican territory and worldwide due to her appearance to Juan Diego, Mexicans worship other invocations to the Virgin, mainly for her innumerable miracles. It is also very common for worshipers of the Virgin to name their daughters after one of these dedications.

- Virgin of Candelaria
The name of Candelaria, Candy, is very common in the Mexican territory. The Virgen de la Candelaria has temples in several cities and its celebration has a lot to do with Christmas and the birth of Christ.

- Virgin of Fatima
The temple of the patron saint of the sick is erected in the state of Zacatecas. It's a lovely name for your baby, right?

- Our Lady of Lourdes
The Virgin of Lourdes, whose origin has to do with the Lourdes apparitions in France, is also highly revered in Mexico. It has several temples erected in the country and its name is also widely used.

- Virgin of the Dolores del Soriano
Dolores (Lola) is also a name used in Mexico, due to the invocation of the Virgin Mary in Querétaro.

- Our Lady of Loreto
She is the patron saint of Baja and Alta California and Tijuana. It is a very old invocation that comes from the fifth century. A very beautiful name of Latin origin for your daughter that means 'place of laurels'.

- Virgin of the Nativity
The invocation of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is also very followed throughout the Mexican territory. Therefore, this beautiful name is widely used. There are many Naty or Natividad in Mexico.

- Virgin of the Assumption
There are also many temples erected in Mexico to the invocation of the Virgin of the Assumption, but the best known is the Cathedral of Aguascalientes. We love this name!

- Virgin of the Conception
The Diocese of Córdoba (Mexico) is dedicated to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, the Virgin Margarita Concepción is the patroness of Mazatlán (Chiapas) and the Cathedral of Campeche is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception.

- Virgin of the Rosary
In different dioceses of the Mexican territory, the Virgin of the Rosary is worshiped. A name, which means 'the one who lives among roses', and which is also very beautiful and used.

- Virgin of Mercy
This invocation comes from the name of Mercedes and it is also a very followed and well-known invocation in Mexico. Mercedes is a Latin name that means 'reward'.

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