Play to do with the children at home on Mother's Day

Play to do with the children at home on Mother's Day

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As Mother's Day approaches we have many very important things to prepare: a beautiful poetry full of love to write on a beautiful card, a plan to do as a family, a most special detail ... What do you think if that gift is nothing less than a short play that you can perform at home with the children?

But not just any play, but one so original in which the little ones in the house are the great actors and the parents are the spectators. If you liked the idea, don't miss out on the fact that the script for the short play 'The colored magic hat' begins here. Dedicated, with great affection, to all the mothers of the world.

What are you going to do this year to celebrate Mother's Day? Surely your answer includes spending time with your family, eating something delicious and enjoying all those wonderful details that only children know how to do. What if to the list we add the power see a play? We propose the script and you already encourage your children to play great actors.

Description of the play: Once upon a time there were children who liked to play together a lot, of course, whoever says they play also says they fight and argue. One fine day, one of them discovers a magical colored hat that has the amazing power to tell them what Mom would do in her place. Has the plot of this work caught your attention? Well, wait to see how it continues!

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Characters: Paula, Marcos and Adrián in the role of three mischievous brothers. You can adapt the work to your liking to include more or fewer characters.

Place where the action takes place: a house.

Necessary material for the staging: toys, a colorful hat (you can do it at home with the children) and I really want to give mom this fun play.

For this scene we will put the hat that we have prepared inside the closet. The three children are seen in the room thinking about what to play.

Paula: What if we go out to the patio?

frames: I don't feel like it, it's hot and I don't have my cap.

Adrian: I prefer to play hide and seek, who signs up?

Paula: Not again!

frames: Well, I do want to play hide and seek.

Paula: Sure, and now you're on their side. Well I'm going. (She storms out of the room)

Adrian: If we don't play what she wants, she gets angry.

frames: It's true, but it's more fun if we play all three.

Adrian: Come on, let's go get your hat and tell Paula we'll go out to the patio.

frames: It's okay.

(They search the closet together)

Adrian: What is this? (Takes the hat and looks at it in amazement)

frames: The what? Did you find the cap?

Adrian: No, it's a slightly weird hat.

frames: Let's see? (He takes the hat his brother Adrián shows him)

Adrian: It is soft and has many colors.

frames: Yes, it is very nice. Let's ask Paula if it's hers.

They leave the scene to look for their sister. The curtain closes.

The curtain opens, the three brothers are back together.

frames: Paula, look what we found in the closet.

Adrian: It is a colored hat.

Paula: (takes the hat) How strange is it, whose will it be?

Adrian: No idea but it sure is perfect to play dress up.

Paula: I first!

frames: Nothing of that! (Takes the hat and puts it on)

Paula: I had asked for it! Well then I'm going.

frames: (speaks in a serene voice) Don't be angry, Paula, I'll use it for a while and then I'll leave it to you and Adri, do you think? Also, it is better to play together and take turns than to be fighting.

Adrián and Paula: (they make a strange face because of their brother's explanation) You speak just like mom!

frames: (takes off his hat) It's true!

Paula: Let me try, (puts on the hat) I'm not angry anymore, it's silly, we better go pick up the toys.

Adrian: It's a magic hat! Whoever wears it is able to speak like mom.

frames: It is perfect! We can know what to do at all times and thus we will not get so angry.

Adrian: (puts on his hat) When we go out to the patio we will put on the sun cream.

Everyone: This hat is amazing!

The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. Children are seen in the room.

Paula: It was great playing in the yard.

frames: Yes, mainly because we have the hat.

Adrian: What do we do now?

frames: Already! Put your hat on and we'll find out.

Adrian: (puts on the colored magic hat) I think it's time to collect all the toys in the room.

Marcos and Paula: What a roll! Put your hat on again.

Adrian: (takes off his hat and puts it on again) Well if you don't feel like cleaning up the room you can finish your homework and then wash your hands, it's almost time to eat.

Paula: I want to keep playing.

Adrian: Now that I think about it, this hat is not that fun.

Paula: Do you know what I think? That being a mom and dad is very complicated. They are always doing things and also they take care of us a lot and they care about us.

frames: You're right.

Adrian: What if we draw a picture to tell Mom everything we love her?

Marcos and Paula: What a good idea!

Paula: We will all do it together so you can see that we can do things without fighting.

The three brothers go to the room to draw a nice picture for Mom. The curtain closes, the end of the play. We hope you liked it a lot!

Happy Mother's Day!

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