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Tips for children to eat everything at home

Tips for children to eat everything at home

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How hard it is for some parents to get their children to eat everything, right? They do not lack advice on how to get it but when it comes to putting them into practice it is not always easy. Seen from the outside, everything seems very possible but only a mother or father who has gone through this experience can really make other parents believe that there is a light at the end of this great 'tunnel' or 'corridor' that is to teach eat the little ones in the house.

The experiences of veteran parents add much to first timers, more than any encyclopedia. Therefore, I found the tips that a mother gives in one of the forums on our site very useful. She gives us some ideas that she applied to her daughter and that today, at five years old, she eats everything at home.

1- Example
Children eat what they see you eat (don't ask them to eat vegetables if they notice that Mommy and Daddy don't eat them ... what signal do you want them to perceive? Let's give the example).

2- Create habits
Mealtime can be a novelty too ... something nice and special ... therefore we must do our best. We can take our children to choose or choose their special plate, glass, tablecloth, of one of their favorite characters, as well as take them to prepare food in the kitchen.

3- Attractive food
Food presentation counts and is very important to them. Eating a whole apple is not the same as disheartening it and cutting it into circles. It is not the same to eat rice with chopped tomato to make a circle of white rice and decorate it with a cute tomato smile, eyes of corn kernels (corn) ... If the child resists eating certain things, take out the ingenuity creative mother or father and prepare a curious meal, oriented to him or her.

4- Eating as a family
Eating with them encourages them. I know that sometimes it is difficult because of work hours, etc., but trust me, do it and everything improves. We are the best for our children. At that age imagine how nice it will be to eat for them if they have you by their side ...

5- Respect the child's needs
Let's also remember to give them food portions according to the child's age. Don't expect him to eat the same amount of food as an adult. That will only scare you and you will probably be frustrated.

6- Establish meal times
Establish a meal schedule and forget to give him sweet cookies or chocolates shortly before the established time or the child will not eat no matter how much his parents scold him. What we can do is give at the end of the meal a little sweet motivator or incentive. A dessert and some suggestive phrases like "they are going to grow strong" will motivate you to keep eating.

7- Eat without distractions
Let us all try to eat at the table as a family and avoid sharing the moment of meal with distractions such as television in the dining room. It is a big mistake because the moment of coexistence and union will not reflect positive things to the child. Lunchtime will be related to what he can see on TV. We must also try to prevent the child from eating in the room or after hours ... If you have any other advice to add to these, we will be happy if you tell us.

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