There was a child. Poetry to encourage children to read

There was a child. Poetry to encourage children to read

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Arousing children's interest in reading is one of the best gifts parents can give them. Reading a book is not only fun, but also helps children understand their emotions, stimulate feelings and sensations, mature and learn. With a book, children can laugh, imagine and enjoy.

Once upon a time there was a child

gifted with great talent,

that I did not want to read,

or tell him stories.

Not even hearing about witches

nor dragons, nor fairies,

nor of ogres and princesses,

nor of enchanted frogs.

He didn't like to listen

the 'once upon a time' thing,

nor 'red bunting'

to finish later.

Until one day his mother

told him a story backwards,

and red bunting,

once upon a time

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