4 curious poems for elementary school children to practice intonation

4 curious poems for elementary school children to practice intonation

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Are you looking for nursery rhymes for your students to recite in class? Do you want your children to read more verses? We have collected some poems for elementary school children which are very useful for practicing intonation while reading. There are children who seem to have been born to recite poetry, although most of them have a little trouble and have to practice over and over again. Thanks to the rhythm of these verses, the musicality will come alone.

The examples of poetry that we have collected are very diverse: they talk about fairies, about flowers, about nature ... However, they all have something in common: they all have a beautiful rhyme that attracts all the children who read it. Enjoy these verses very much!

This poetry is perfect for children from 6 years old because it talks about respecting the elderly. Based on a fantasy experience in a rose garden, these verses will make children understand that they must value those who are older or different from us, an important lesson to be learned from childhood.

Among roses they murmured,

criticizing of a jasmine:

'It's old and wrinkled,

we will kick him out of the garden '

The gardener heard them

and rebuked their attitude:

'beauty is not eternal,

neither does youth '

'¿Do you believe, he told them,

that you will always be beautiful?,

That you will always be fresh

and won't new roses come?

That no more flowers will grow,

so beautiful in the garden?

That you one day

won't you be like jasmine? '

And he continued to water them

and cared for them with love,

paying more attention

on that old flower.

Nature and feelings are always the best sources of inspiration for poetry. Within this theme we find "The wind and the breeze", a beautiful poem with two stanzas that contains a very funny rhyme. Being a short poetry, you can ask your students to think about how it could go on. And for older children, encourage them to create their own verse.

The wind blew happily

when he met the breeze,

because she was very playful

and she was also a poet

Happy was the breeze

when he discovered that the wind,

it was fun

Try this poem for children to practice intonation. The first step for your students to learn to recite is to make them realize that can be read with different tones. To do this, ask them to read it aloud in different ways: very fast, very slow, as if they were a fish, with an elf voice, as if they were singing ...

nor princess of stature,

she was a petite grandmother

with skin full of wrinkles

Everyone wanted her

and around him,

they swirled

looking for her love

She was kind

and when he smiled,

they laughed with her

how many saw it

Died in one night

that there was a full moon

they cried with sorrow

When they buried her

the sky also cried

and in snowflakes

distributed consolation.

And to finish this compilation, we include some very funny verses that children can read before taking a nap or before going to sleep. It is titled "What a dream I have" and it talks about some animals that are tired that cannot wait until they get to bed to fall asleep. Surely it has happened to your son on one occasion or another ...

I'm so sleepy!

Said a rat

and he went to sleep

inside an espadrille

I'm so sleepy!

Said now a cat

inside a shoe

I'm so sleepy!

Said now a dog

and he went to sleep

at the feet of its owner

I want to sing!

Said a goldfinch

and veiled his dreams.

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