Play of 2 characters to represent at home with children

Play of 2 characters to represent at home with children

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Do your kids love to play great actors? Sure you do, that of dressing up in playing story characters is usually among the favorite hobbies of the little ones in the house. What do you think then if you propose to represent at home the play script for children What are you going to see here? It is a short play to do with two characters, for example, two brothers, to have fun, laugh and, incidentally, to realize how wonderful it is to have a brother or sister.

This representation is titled 'My brother is a monkey'and with it you can organize a family theater session without leaving home. Let's go to see her!

Short plays like the one you are going to read here are perfect for entertaining family time and also for teaching children an important value. In this case we emphasize the relationship between siblings, in the importance of taking care of each other and in how necessary it is to know how to understand that whoever has a brother has a treasure for life.

We have written it just for two characters, so it is perfect to perform at home between two brothers and tell parents to play the role of a dedicated audience eager to applaud at the end of the play. Are you ready? Do not miss a detail, dear readers, this is where this fun play to do at home with children begins.

Work description: Paula and Alonso are two brothers who love each other very much but do not always know how to play together without fighting. Paula is the oldest and sometimes she forgets that little siblings tend to imitate older ones, take away their toys, want to get their attention at all costs ... What happens in this story? Well, Paula doesn't realize how much she loves to hang out with her brother Alonso until he turns into a monkey.

Characters: Paula, older sister; Alonso, little brother and parents as spectators.

Place of action: the house, the living room without going any further.

Necessary material for the staging: a monkey costume or a simple mask that children can make at home with paper and colors, ordinary toys that are at home, a handful of invisible magic powders and a lot of desire to have fun and to learn things.

The curtain rises. Paula is seen playing in the living room.

Paula: (picks up a toy) Run! Hurry they'll catch us! We have to reach the enchanted valley before dark ...

(Alonso enters the scene and interrupts her)

Alonso: What are you playing? Can I play too? Can I have that toy?

Paula: (with an angry face) You're there again, can't you see that I'm playing?

Alonso: I want to play! (He sits down and takes the toy his sister has)

Paula: Look how heavy you are! Here, keep the toys, I'll go to the table to draw a picture.

Alonso: Great! (Starts to play on the living room floor)

Paula: I think I'm going to draw a beach and a big sun.

Alonso: (goes to the table because he's bored of playing alone) What are you doing? I will help you! (He takes a painting and paints on his sister's folio)

Paula: What do you do! There was a palm tree, you spoiled it.

(Exits the scene angry)

Alonso: (starts painting) She's already angry again, she always tells me that I can't do things and all I want is to play with her.

Paula: (is on one side of the room) My little brother is always the same, he doesn't know how to do anything by himself, he wants to take what I have all the time. I wish it were not so!

The curtain closes.

For this scene little Alonso has to put on the monkey mask. The curtain opens, Paula is seen again in the living room playing with some racing cars.

Paula: I love playing with cars! Although surely my brother soon comes to say that he loves them. I already have it! (Reaches his hand in his pocket and takes out a handful of invisible magic powder) I'll cast a spell so he won't talk to me anymore.

Paula: Open cadabra, houndstooth, my brother stop bothering me, (opens his hand and blows). There, it sure has worked. I will continue with my cars!

(Alonso enters the scene turned into a monkey)

Paula: (jumps in surprise when he sees it) What happened to you!

(Alonso shakes his shoulders, he's a monkey and can only make gestures)

Paula: Something is wrong, I just wanted you to let me play at home, not to become a monkey. The spell has gone wrong ...

(Alonso gets on the couch and makes monkey gestures with his hands)

Paula: And now what do I do? (She goes to sit at the table because she is a little scared)

Paula: I will no longer be able to play hide and seek with Alonso, or draw pictures, or race cars ... I have to do something! (Write some magic words on paper)

Paula: That's it, I'll say them in a low voice to see if they work.

(Paula looks at her brother but he's still a monkey. Alonso jumps and jumps, goes to his sister, gives her a hug and leaves the scene)

The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. Paula is seen sitting on the couch.

Paula: I get bored, I want to play with my brother, I don't care if he is a monkey or a rhinoceros, I want to play with him and then we can see some pictures together. I love him a lot!

Alonso: (the monkey mask has already been removed) Paula, shall we play hide and seek?

Paula: (jumps with joy to see that his brother is the same as always) How glad I am to see you! (He gives him a hug full of affection).

Alonso: (makes a surprised face) Why do you say that? If I was just in the living room 10 minutes ago.

Paula: Haven't you heard what happened?

Alonso: The what? Has Dad made cake for snack?

Paula: (laughs) Oh no! You had become a monkey.

Alonso: (laughs out loud) What nonsense! I've never been a monkey, although I'm sure I'd be very good at it. (Jumps from side to side imitating a monkey)

Paula: (hugs his little brother again) How I love you!

Alonso: And I to you! Are we already playing hide and seek?

Paula: Of course! You link it! (Exits the scene to hide)

The curtain closes, the end of the 2-character play 'My brother is a monkey'. Did you like it? Let's forget to applaud those great little actors!

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