Fun games to play by video call with children from 6 to 8 years old

Fun games to play by video call with children from 6 to 8 years old

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Spending quality time with our children is essential, but many parents cannot always do it because they have business trips or because, for some reason, they are away from home. The same happens with grandparents and uncles, they cannot always see the little ones as much as they want. However, thanks to new technologies, there is a temporary solution, the video call, which may not be the same as meeting in person, but it can also become a quality virtual meeting. How? Playing. Therefore, We propose different games that you can play by video call with children from 6 to 8 years old.

It is important that before making the decision to play some game over video call take into account the psychological and social development of your son or daughter. At these ages (between 6 and 8 years old), children begin to experience a certain emotional independence for the first time, which is why they tend to prefer group games than individual ones.

This is a very important feature, as they will always prefer to video call with more people in the room than themselves. For example, it would be very interesting to do some group game, like the game in the movies, with several family members present and one or two people on the other side of the monitor. It is still possible to play one-on-one games, but they will always prefer a little more social interaction.

In addition, at this age they tend to think more about the future and are more clear about their tastes, so it is very important to take the little one into account when proposing a game by video call. Remember that the important thing is that they have fun with you, so if a game does not seem right, be flexible and propose another or wait for him or her to propose it.

Before telling you what are the best activities to do video call games with children In elementary school, it is worth defining the mobile device (phone, tablet or computer) that we are going to use and also the application used. Do you know how many are on the market?

- Zoom
Everything (good and bad) has been said about this application, especially when it comes to security. To avoid any problems, you have to have your version of Windows updated. Otherwise, it's really cool because you can invite the whole family to your video call and it sounds perfectly.

- WhatsApp
Surely you have already made more than one video call with the grandparents through WhatsApp, right? The quality of the image is fair and the sound, if you manage to respect the turn, is not bad. Also, as it can only be done with your mobile, it allows you to move around the house with ease.

- Hangout
The only requirement is that it is associated with a account, so if you don't have it and want to use it, you will have to open it! It has a downside and that is that the image tends to freeze quite often and you can have to start the video call again.

- Skype
Who has not ever spoken for this application? Surely a lot of parents know her, although children may find it more unfamiliar. It is a bit similar to whatsapp, in terms of image and sound, but it can be a good alternative.

- FaceTime
If you don't have an iPhone, you won't be able to connect to it. Talk to all the participants in your virtual meeting beforehand.

- HouseParty
It has become very fashionable and in a few days it has become one of the most downloaded applications, especially among teenagers. Let up to eight people connect at the same time and tell you who has it and who doesn't, this way you avoid having to wonder! The downside is that if someone is online and sees that you are too, they can join you!

And now it's time for the fun to begin. Are you ready?

- The movie game
The mythical movie guessing game can be a good idea to have fun by video call with children from 6 to 8 years old, especially if there are more people participating. Of course, it requires limitations: they must be well-known children's films and the odd sound or word is worth it. This way they can better interact in the game.

2. Find colored objects
Pick a color and set a 60 second timer. All participants should look for objects of that color around the house. Whoever has found the most objects will be the winner!

3. Dance class
At these ages, physical exercise is crucial and it can also be done by video call. Improvise a dance class, a good song and shake your skeleton!

4. Let's see if we get it right!
Some simple questions are established such as what is your favorite color or what is your favorite food. And they are written on paper. It can be played to see what things you have in common or to try to guess what the other likes.

5. Professions
Children ages 6 to 8 begin to imagine the future, so it is common for them to play professions with their friends. A video call version can be to choose a profession and at a certain time look for things around the house with which to dress up to be a doctor, firefighter or singer. They will have a lot of fun!

6. Rhyme game
Print out simple words and cut them out on cards. The participant on one side of the screen takes a card and must rhyme with that word. For the other participant, you can take the card and show it through the camera.

7. Let's create a story
It is about creating a story together with everyone who is participating in the video call. Simply put a rule of turn of participation. Each player says a phrase from the story, which must be continued by the next one.

8. Whoever laughs first loses
Have you ever played look at someone in the face and wait to see who laughs first? It is a game that can be adapted to the computer screen to make a video call.

9. Riddles, jokes and songs
Making riddles, a funny joke or singing a song are activities that all 6- to 8-year-olds like and can also be done through a video call.

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