Verses to my mother. Poems for Mother's Day

Verses to my mother. Poems for Mother's Day

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This one that you can read here, and that is titled 'Verses to my mother'is a beautiful poem to celebrate theMother's Day. If you want a special gift from all the children to congratulate the mothers on their day, here is a children's poem full of love and affection that you can recite or write on a card.

Here is a beautiful poem, taken from the lyrics of a song by Julio Jaramillo, dedicated to mothers. It is a beautiful and loving poetry for mom for Mother's Day or for her birthday. They will 'drool' over these cute rhyming words.

For moms there is no date more special than Mother's Day. This is a unique occasion to enjoy with our babies and children one of the most joyous parties of the year. For this reason, from Guiainfantil we suggest you celebrate Mother's Day with the children and learn more about this celebration.

Did you know that in different countries of the world it is celebrated on different dates? In the UK, for example, Mother's Day is the fourth Sunday of Lent. However, in Spain or Portugal, the first sunday in may. And in other countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, the United States, Peru or Venezuela, on the second Sunday in May. In Mexico, mother's day is the May 10.

Whatever day you celebrate this special day, enjoy these verses that we dedicate to you below. A beautiful poem can brighten the day of mothers, those who are closest to children since pregnancy and who maintain that special union for the rest of their lives.

Poetry opens the doors for children to a world of verses and rhymes, where expression prevails, and where word games and language are the main protagonists. Here is a beautiful poetry, taken from the lyrics of a song by Julio Jaramillo, dedicated to mothers.

My mother is a poem

with white hair,

that has to flower of lips

a gesture of forgiveness.

When after a long absence I return

she waits for me,

hugs me like a child,

kisses me with passion.

My mother is little

just like a violet,

the sweet is in his soul,

the cry in goodbye.

She owns my dreams

although I am not a poet,

the verses to my mother

God inspires me.

How beautiful my mother is

how lucky it is to have her and

how happy to see her

happy at home

Beaming with joy

next to their children

taking care of their grandchildren

how holy my mother is,

Bless her, yes, bless her Lord.

My mother is a rose

of faded petals

who keeps her perfume

very close to the heart.

Living our anguish

I do not know what has cried

that's why when mentioning it

I am filled with emotion.

My mother is like a chrome

of magic palette

Song pain tenderness

there is everything in his voice

She owns my dreams

although I am not a poet,

the verses to my mother

God inspires me.

How beautiful my mother is

how lucky it is to have her and

how happy to see her

happy at home.

Julio Jaramillo

So that the mother of your family feels the most special in the world (because for you she is), below we have compiled some beautiful dedications. You can use them to accompany this poem or you can learn them by heart to say them to Mom while you give them the gifts you have prepared for her. You will surely be very excited to hear them in children's mouths!

- Mother, i love u More than nothing in the world. And no matter how much time passes, I will continue to love you!

- Thank you for being the best mom in the world, because you are!

- Although sometimes I get angry with you, I love you very much!

- Thank you very much for teaching me what it means to love.

- You, who gave me everything, here is a piece of my love turned into a poem.

- Your understanding and patience are huge, but your heart is even bigger!

- I will always be in your debt, because you gave me the greatest thing I have: my life! I love u

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And so that Mother's Day is round in your home, here are some ideas to celebrate it as a family in style.

1. Cook something really yummy for mom
What is your mother's favorite dish? Maybe you like cake? Could it be more than lentils? Do you like vegetables? Whichever recipe your mother enjoys the most, this day is the best to prepare it for her. You are sure to give him a fantastic surprise!

2. Make him a homemade gift
To prepare the best children's gift for Mother's Day, you don't have to spend a lot of money. You just have to put your hands and creativity to work. There are many crafts that you can prepare for your mother: a macaroni necklace, a photo frame with shells, a jewelry box with ice cream sticks ... She will also love a personalized card!

3. Organize a play
What if you organize a play at home for mom in which you yourself are the actors? You can also use puppets! You just need to choose the script that you like the most and do a couple of tests.

4. Have a wonderful day away from home
Although inside the house you can have a great time, if you have the possibility you can also spend a great day in a restaurant, in the theater, in the cinema, on a picnic ... The really important thing is that you are together as a family.

5. Host a movie afternoon
Video store session! Choose a family movie (you can also let mom choose her favorite movie), prepare a snack of different fruits ... and enjoy the cinema at home!

6. Karaoke at home
Who doesn't like to sing? You will have a great time organizing a karaoke session at home. Make sure mom's favorite songs are not missing.

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