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13 simple ways to educate our children with love

13 simple ways to educate our children with love

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When we decide to become parents, we face the greatest challenge of our lives (even if we don't know it). How to raise balanced, mentally healthy and happy children. Everything is achieved with love, with passion, with truth and, above all, with less reproach. Here you have13 tips to get involved in the education of children from home.

Many fathers and mothers look our children in the face and ask ourselves: 'How can we make them balanced, mentally and physically healthy people? From the experience as a mother and based on the lessons learned, I share that with intention, decision and action it is possible. I have tried the following tricks with my daughter and they have worked phenomenally for me.

1. Motivates the child's self-esteem under any circumstance
Understanding that everything requires a learning process helps them develop, so let us support and encourage them despite observing that something is not good for them. Let us motivate and encourage the good habit of perseverance and persistence and also congratulate small advances.

2. Express our emotions, helps them express theirs
Let's tell them how much we love them and hug them as much as we can. This helps them feel safe and secure. Being vulnerable and explaining to our little one how certain situations have made us feel helps them to see the experiences from improvement, reflection and not from guilt, reproach or imposition. In turn, it helps them express how they feel. Saying to your child 'I feel sad because you have spoken badly to me' is not the same as 'do not speak badly to me again'.

3. Let's encourage positive thoughts and protect them from fear
Speaking with the truth is more effective and honest than trying to hide the reality we are living, let's adapt our language and explain that everything will pass; Although it may not seem like it, they also detect evasions. Let's encourage positive thoughts and phrases from the truth!

4. Over-planning saps the child's creativity.
Let's give them room for them to get bored and let them decide the game or activity they want to undertake, so we can bring out their imagination and let them experiment. It is even a good way to start observing their gifts and virtues in order to guide them towards a future of solid learning, that they are passionate about and are in tune with their being. Let's support the initiative, even if it is cumbersome, dirty or messy. They are getting to know each other and it is their time to do so. We will be amazed at the things they can do with a simple cardboard box, for example!

5. Listen and observe, they have a lot to tell us
The child's mood is important to focus the day to day. If the energy is low, let's propose activities that make them feel happier (music, dance or some activity that makes them feel better). Let's hear that they have to tell us about it and let's analyze why it happens, perhaps it is a poorly managed emotion that we can help solve and save many days of anger. They are joy and energy personified, let's flip the levers to make it always like this!

6. If we cannot leave the house, let's encourage activities to burn energy
An excess accumulation of energy can cause disorder in your emotions. Let's value yoga classes, dance or any activity that has movement. Well-managed energy is a wonderful ally!

7. Dose time from electronic devices: Let's set time guidelines
Let's bet on games that integrate languages ​​or mental agility. Let us remember that the violence of video games is not something constructive and neither is browsing the internet for hours and hours. Let's take advantage of its potential!

8. Let's spend time with them
Board games unite the family bond, enhance concentration and mental agility. Let's bet on themes that the family like in general and, of course, let them choose too. Let's define how much time we are going to dedicate to the game to avoid conflicts before the completion. Let us promote team play and not rivalry. Let's express how much we like to share with them, go ahead and play!

9. Let's enjoy the sun
Let's spend some time looking out the window, sunbathing, observing and looking for figures in the sky excite them. It is an ideal time to interact with them and establish calm. We can take the opportunity to congratulate or comment on attitudes that can be improved. Let's enjoy the simplicity!

10. Let's assign tasks depending on age
From my experience, I can tell you that my daughter enjoys watering the plants and setting the table, it makes them feel older and autonomous. Let's bet on children who get involved in household chores!

11. Let's share a minimum meal a day
The habit of eating as a family away from mobile devices and distractions is an ideal time to bond and foster good relationships, share experiences, laugh ... Create rapprochement and trust between parents and children. In the long term, this simple habit can help us educate and accompany us in the difficult stage of adolescence, where the trigger in a bad relationship is a lack of communication. Encouraging it will help us in the future to accompany, advise and even seek help if necessary.

12. Let's teach our little ones to respect our space
Let's take some time to rest and explain that there is a time for them and also for us (although depending on age this can be fanciful) and strengthen it as they grow older. These moments will help us to be more receptive and empathetic before possible tantrums or tantrums. A time for us is also a time for them!

13. We appreciate even minimal efforts
When we do it, we make them feel important and encourage good habits. Thank you can also be a I love you hidden!

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