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Tips to start a new hobby at home and involve the children

Tips to start a new hobby at home and involve the children

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The activities we do on a daily basis (a long working day, taking the children to school, traffic, going to the market ...) can lead to stress or anxiety. That is why it is essential to have a moment of fun and entertainment that allows us to drain all the negative and fill us with good vibes. Are you thinking of start a new hobby at home all together? We talk about the benefits of hobbies and how to involve children in the new family hobby.

Having hobbies that we like and that fill our free time is very positive. Let's see some of the benefits of having hobbies.

  • Doing a hobby allows us to de-stress after a hard workday.
  • It prevents the appearance of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.
  • It expands and develops the capacities we have and allows us to know those virtues that we thought we did not possess.
  • It teaches us to be disciplined.
  • Wake up and develop our creativity.
  • It helps us to have mental balance and self-control.
  • It teaches us to strive to find a solution.
  • It is a good excuse to dedicate some time, to ourselves and the people around us and with whom we share our hobby.
  • It allows us to interact with like-minded people.
  • It helps us get out of our comfort zone.

Children have various activities that they do daily such as going to school, studying, and doing homework. This can generate anxiety and stress that in many cases cause serious health problems. Doing something that is different, such as a hobby, can help children with the following daily tasks. These are some of the reasons why you should involve your children in a hobby.

  • Keep them out of the routine.
  • Create in them well-being and pleasure.
  • Increase your creativity and imagination.
  • It encourages you to think and find a solution to a situation.
  • Create a habit for them.
  • Teaches to have goals and objectives.
  • It promotes family communication and that we all spend more time together.

When you want to implement a hobby that involves the whole family, you have to consider several aspects:

1. Planning
When starting a hobby, you have to plan in advance what you want to do, get together as a family, find the alternative that best suits everyone. The opinions of the little ones must be taken into account. Parents should not impose something, since we try to propose a hobby whose purpose is to unite the family and thus promote communication between its members.

2. Conditioning a space
To practice this hobby as a family we must have an ideal, comfortable and cozy space, spacious enough to place everything necessary to carry out the hobby, make sure it is well ventilated and bright. Not having any distraction around that can deconcentrate us.

3. Set a schedule
The established schedule to carry out a family hobby will depend on the activities carried out by each member of the family. It is very common for children to have to attend extracurricular tasks, supervised tasks or do homework at home in the afternoons. Parents generally work outside the home, so it is recommended to find a hobby that can be done in the late afternoon or after dinner, which are the times of the day when the family can get together.

4. Organize the place
Once you have located the place and the type of hobby that your family is going to implement, start organizing the furniture and accessories. Remember that they have to be comfortable so that the time spent with the family is pleasant and profitable.

If your hobby is dedicated to handicrafts, sewing, jewelry or reading, assign a place for each thing and classify it by color, size and texture, so that you have everything at hand and in an orderly way when starting your activity.

5. Go shopping with your children
Going shopping with the children to acquire everything they need to prepare the place where they will spend a fun time with the family is a way to involve and motivate them. Choosing, for example, the paint color for the walls, the accessories that are required and giving them the opportunity to select an object that they want to incorporate into the space will allow children to feel taken into account.

6. Leave reminders
Before going to sleep and when the children are already in their rooms, you can make fun reminders that invite them to practice the selected hobby. Phrases like: 'Come and enjoy with your family', 'Don't stop coming', 'The date is at ...', 'We are waiting for you', etc. they are interesting ways to get attention.

Post these reminders everywhere in the house that you can. Like the children's rooms, in the refrigerator, in the dining room, in their notebooks and if you work outside the home, you can call them on the phone at lunchtime and remind them of the appointment.

7. Keep order
Once the hobby is over, you have to put everything in its place and keep everything in order within the space where the family gathers.

The main objective of practicing a hobby as a family is to share, have a fun and enjoyable time and maintain the family togetherness. The important thing is that both parents and children are comfortable doing this activity. What activities can be practiced as a hobby? Here are some ideas:

- Sewing. Adapting the sewing level to the age and ability of the children, this can be a very entertaining and useful hobby for the future of your children.

- Reading. What if you create a little book club at home? You can read a story as a family and then discuss it together.

- Painting. Painting is a wonderful way of expressing everything that you carry inside. Would you like to do some crafts?

- Kitchen. An excellent family hobby that you can take up is learning to cook. What is your favorite recipe?

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